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online bank account alerts with Madison Wisconsin Credit Union

Online Account Alerts

Email and text* Alerts notify you of account activity and anything that’s important to you. You choose which Alerts to receive.

Get notified when your account receives a deposit, or your balance drops below a specified amount. You can even request a reminder for important dates.

How to get started

  1. Log into eBanking
  2. Select Self Service tab
  3. Click on Alert category
  4. Select the account activities you want to receive alerts about. Then choose how you'd like to be notified - by email or text* message.

*Text Alerts require enrollment in Mobile Money.

Account Alert Options:


Notify me when...

  • My account balance is above $ for this account.
  • My account balance is below $ for this account.
  • A direct deposit over $ has posted to this account.
  • A deposit over $ has posted to this account.
  • An ATM withdrawal or Debit transaction exceeds $ .
  • A check/draft has cleared for more than $ .
  • A withdrawal exceeds $ .
  • Of my balance starting on / / .


Notify me when...

  • Of my loan payment due date prior to the due date.
  • My loan payment is past due.
  • Of my balance starting on / / .

Transfer Alerts:

Notify me when...

  • A scheduled transfer is unable to process
  • A final in a series of recurring transfers I setup has completed

Bill Pay Alerts:

Notify me when...

  • Any of my individual payments exceeds $
  • On [day] with a list of my scheduled payment for the [Month/Week]
  • With a reminder [#] day(s) before the scheduled payment date.
  • A payment I scheduled is unable to process
  • A final in a series of recurring payments I setup has completed
  • A merchant notifies you that there is a problem with one of my payments
  • A merchant notifies you that my account number has changed
  • My account is credited for a payment when a stop pay is issued

The following Bill Pay alerts are sent automatically:

  • A merchant has been added or changed

General Alerts:

Notify me when...

  • Customer service sends a message to my Inbox

The following General alerts are sent automatically:

  • user email address changed
  • logon ID changed
  • security code changed

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