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Mobile Money

If you have a text-enabled phone rather than a smart phone, you can send a simple text message to view account balances or transaction history. If you have internet access on your phone you can do even more, like transfer funds between account and pay bills.

How to get started

  1. Have your mobile device handy
  2. If you don't already use eBanking, enroll now
  3. Logon to eBanking 
  4. Select Self Service tab
  5. Select Mobile Money under Additional Services, and click OK
  6. Read and accept Terms and Conditions by checking the box and then select Continue
  7. Select Services you wish to have access to
  8. Select the account(s) you wish to manage on Mobile Money
  9. Create short and easy-to-remember nicknames for your accounts, then Continue
  10. Enter your cell phone number, then Continue
  11. You’ll then receive a text message on your mobile device with an activation code
  12. Enter the activation code in the text box in eBanking and select Activate
  13. You’ll then receive a text message with a link to the Mobile Banking site
  14. Click the link and bookmark it to your home screen to get a desktop icon

To receive another link to the Mobile Money site

  1. Log into eBanking and click on the Self Service tab
  2. Click Mobile Money then OK on the next screen
  3. On the Main Menu locate the drop down menu next to “I want to:” and choose “Get a link to the Mobile Banking website” then click GO
  4. Click Get Link on the next screen to receive the link via text message

Mobile Money Troubleshooting

Get account Alerts on your mobile phone

Log in to your eBanking/eBills account and select the Self Service tab, select one or more of the Alert links and check the Mobile Message box to the right.

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Mobile Money will be disabled after a period of inactivity.
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