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FAQs for Dane County Credit Union's proposed partnership with Heartland Credit Union.

FAQs - DCCU and Heartland CU Partnership

You have questions about the proposed partnership merger, we have answers! If you don't see your question answered below, send it to [email protected]

Dane County Credit Union and Heartland Credit Union wish to join forces to form a $600 million credit union to serve 37,000 members in Greater Madison and southwestern Wisconsin. Being similar in size and vision allows both credit unions to bring their individual strengths to the combined partnership.

This is an exciting time for DCCU! The proposed partnership between Dane County Credit Union and Heartland Credit Union is unanimously supported by both organization’s Boards of Directors and CEOs.

When was the partnership approved?

DCCU members voted to approve a partnership with Heartland Credit union in early 2022. The partnership is legally official as of March 1, 2022.

What is changing for DCCU members?

In October 2022, we will be combining operating systems which is when DCCU member accounts will switch to Heartland Credit Union.

First of all, the good news is that all these things stay the same right now:

  • Continue to transact business as you always have. There are no changes to your account number, debit card, online banking, bill pay, ACH transactions, or DCCU checks.
  • Continue to use the same routing number #275978750 and your account number for direct deposits and withdrawals.
  • Continue to log in to online banking services the same way as now; including mobile app and mobile deposit.
  • Continue to use DCCU branches. Heartland Credit Union branches are available through Shared Branching.
  • Contact us the same way you do now (608) 256-5665 or [email protected]
  • Your Elan credit card will continue as is, however you will see the Dane County Credit Union branding phase out. Elan Financial Services owns and manages your credit card. Continue to login to Cardmember Service at

Here is what will change in October 2022:

  • As we switch to Heartland Credit Union’s operating system, DCCU members will be issued a new account number, debit card, and the routing number will change.
  • Online banking services, mobile app and mobile deposit will be upgraded.

Here is what will change in 2023:

DCCU checks will continue to work through October 2023. You’ll receive notice of this as the deadline gets closer. Members will use Heartland Credit Union checks beginning in October 2023.

What led DCCU and HCU to consider a partnership?

Our combined credit union will give us the needed resources to compete in our highly competitive markets and provide the products and services our current and future members demand.

Both DCCU and HCU are thriving credit unions that are financially healthy and successfully serve their members and the community. When looking to future sustainability, both are faced with heavy competition among other financial institutions as well as emerging non-traditional banking alternatives. Joining forces provides both credit unions the opportunity to leverage resources, position for growth, and increase efficiencies. The combined credit union will be better able to meet future demands to advance relevant technology, expand product and service offerings, remain competitive, and ultimately continue enhancing the lives of our members.

Many factors were considered, but the number one decision for both was whether this partnership was in the best interest of the membership. After much discussion and explorations, the board of directors determined that a partnership is beneficial to our members, staff, and the communities we serve.

What was important in the process of choosing a partner?

DCCU and HCU have always been friendly competitors and have worked together over the years to help support each other in various facets. We are similar in size and membership demographics which makes this a true partnership. Our philosophies and strategic visions are closely aligned, allowing us to bring our individual strengths to the combined partnership, making both of us stronger. We both are fully committed to serving our members with the same care, attention, and respect.

Why are DCCU and HCU partnering together?

We have a shared commitment to our members and communities and our partnership will enhance our ability to grow, deliver exceptional experiences, and serve our members. Partnering together will bring the greatest benefit to you, the DCCU members, giving you the greatest value for your membership. We will deliver better products and services, continuously improve technological infrastructures, and allow you to better achieve your financial goals.

Who is Heartland Credit Union?

Heartland Credit Union is a mid-size credit union with $390 million in asset. They have been helping members since February 1936 and currently serve 22,000 members in 28 counties in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. They are headquartered off High Crossing Boulevard on the east side of Madison and have 7 branches covering southwestern Wisconsin. They pride themselves in making communities stronger and more self-reliant by supporting locally owned family farms, manufacturers, non-profits, and businesses. They promote efforts to eat local, give local, and go local. Heartland Credit Union has been awarded a Top Work Place by the Wisconsin State Journal for the past 3 years. Find out more at

How will members benefit from this new partnership?

This partnership provides members with the added convenience of enhanced products and services with more resources to help achieve financial success. More branch locations in the Madison area and southwestern Wisconsin gives greater flexibility and access. The partnership also allows for more opportunities to support local communities, helping to create thriving and connected neighborhoods that make a positive impact on all our lives.

What will be the new name of the combined credit union?

The combined credit union’s name will be Heartland Credit Union. Even though Dane County Credit Union’s name will be changing, be assured that our united commitment to members will stay the same.

Will all current locations remain open?

All current branch locations will remain open resulting in 11 locations to serve members. The partnership will give us the capability to grow and build future branches in our field of membership. Most notably, a location in the Oregon community will be opening in the near future.


High Crossing Boulevard - 5325 High Crossing Boulevard Madison, WI 53718-2301 

Williamson (Willy) Street Office - 944 Williamson Street Madison, WI 53703-4506 

De Forest Office  - 120 Vinburn Road De Forest, WI 53532-1487 

Verona Office - 105 Enterprise Drive Verona, WI 53593-9122 

Dodgeville Office - 1205 Joseph Street Dodgeville, WI 53533-9672 

Lancaster Office - 1000 Ihm Street Lancaster, WI 53813-9600 

Platteville Office - 1520 E. Business Highway 151 Platteville, WI 53818-3843 

Oregon Office - 744 N. Main Street, Oregon, WI 53575-1004 


Rimrock Road Office - 2160 Rimrock Road Madison, WI 53713 

Struck Street Office - 709 Struck Steet Madison, WI 53711 

East Washington Office - 3397 E Washington Avenue Madison, WI 53704 

Will member accounts continue to be insured?

Accounts will continue to be federally insured through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, which is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government and managed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

What will happen to my accounts?

The blending of the credit unions will take some time. After the official merger, there will be a transition time frame where HCU and DCCU will be running on separate account processing systems. During this time frame, DCCU members will experience very few changes. In October 2022, the systems will be rolled into one. Accounts at both credit unions align well and are very similar so we expect any interruptions will be minimal. We will keep members up to date and informed on changes they will experience and will work to ensure a seamless integration.

What will happen to my favorite credit union employees?

This partnership is only possible because of the trusted and loyal staff we have at both credit unions. Taking care of every employee is a top priority. We know that our staff are your friends, family, and neighbors, and we have every intention of keeping them around to continue serving you! Staff at both credit unions live in the communities we serve so we will continue to have a strong local presence.

What can I do to prepare?

The most important thing right now is to confirm that we have your current contact information, including your email address so we can reach you and deliver pertinent information to you. Dane County Credit Union members should be sure to review the materials we are providing on the partnership.

What if I have more questions?

Don’t see an answer you’re looking for? Contact us at [email protected] with any questions about this partnership.

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