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Coronavirus Updates

September 8, 2020

As many of you are adapting to the fall season, your staff at Dane County Credit Union continues to monitor our service delivery methods and develop improvements. We want members to experience little or no service interruptions while we help protect the health of both members and staff.

Even though we miss our open-door lobbies, we appreciate our members’ positive attitudes and adaptability to alternative methods of completing financial transactions. We continue to respond favorably to record breaking volume increases for our contact center, mobile and online banking, as well as drive-up service.

We look forward to expanding the drive-up service at our East Washington Avenue branch with an additional Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). ITMs have allowed us to offer expanded, no-touch 24/7 service – exactly what’s needed during this pandemic!

For higher touch transactions such as signing loan documents, many members enjoy the opportunity to make an appointment for personal service in the first drive up lane. This allows for personal interactions while keeping a safe distance. Members can also make an appointment for service inside a branch where safety precautions are in place, including personal protective equipment and regular disinfection to protect everyone’s health.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, your board and staff continue to diligently work toward improved service and money saving products to help you fulfill your financial goals. We wish the best of health to you!

June 18, 2020

Beginning Monday, June 22, members can make an appointment to enter a DCCU branch to meet with our staff. Appointment times are available during normal business hours; however, capacity will be limited for everyone’s safety.

Appointments will be available to members for the following services:

  • Loan closings
  • New memberships
  • Safe Deposit Box access
  • Coin and change requests
  • Other services by request

As we reopen the DCCU branch lobbies, please continue to use these contactless options for everyone’s safety:

  • DocuSign – electronically sign account and loan documents
  • Drive ups – open regular hours for transactions, loan closings, pick up items, 24-hour deposit and withdrawal access with a DCCU debit card
  • eBanking – monitor account activity, transfer between accounts, apply for a loan, change your address, open additional accounts, and live chat with DCCU staff
  • Mobile app – deposit checks, transfer money between accounts, check account activity
  • Phone – personal service from our experienced staff including new loans
  • Chat – secure assistance from DCCU staff within eBanking

If you are feeling unwell, or have been exposed to anyone who is unwell, please refrain from entering our buildings. We can accommodate most every service need remotely through the channels mentioned above.

As our lobbies reopen, you will notice a new, safer branch experience. Please expect the following changes:

  • Staff and members are required to wear facemasks to enter all DCCU buildings. We may ask you to temporarily remove your face mask for security and identification purposes.
  • Protective shields have been installed at teller windows and desks.
  • Hand sanitizer is available.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting routines are completed throughout the day.
  • Everyone is asked to practice physical distancing.
  • When possible, please enter the building alone while others with you wait outside.
  • Restroom availability is limited.
  • Lobby chairs, desks, coffee stations, and water fountains are unavailable.

We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and kindness as we work to provide a safe environment for everyone.

May 21, 2020

La traducción de este mensaje al español esta abajo.

We miss you!

Open Date TBD
We are eager to open up DCCU’s branch lobbies for members. While a date is not yet set, we are working fast and diligently to create the safest possible environment for staff and members. Once everything is in place, we will begin opening for lobby service.

We Stand For You
In the meantime, the good news is that we are here, as we have always been, and continue to serve you! We appreciate your flexibility and understanding throughout this transition. Members have been using these safe and effective methods of managing finances:

Phased Opening
When we begin opening the lobbies, it will be in phases. The first phase will include member access to our lobbies by appointment only. This will be available for transactions that can only be done in person, such as mortgage closings, safe deposit box access, and financial advisor meetings.

Priority #1 - Safety
Like many organizations, the DCCU lobbies will look different. For safety inside branches, you can expect to see:

  • Protective shields and barriers on the teller line and in offices
  • Social distancing signs and markers
  • Staff wearing face masks and gloves
  • Less furniture in lobbies
  • Regular cleaning and sanitizing

Stay Tuned
More information will be posted as we finalize our reopen plan and set a date. Thank you for your patience as we prepare to move closer to full-service lobby service.


¡Los Extrañamos!

Fecha de apertura determinada en fecha posterior
Estamos ansiosos de abrir nuestras sucursales a nuestros miembros de nuevo. Aunque aun no hemos determinado la fecha, estamos trabajando rápido y diligentemente para crear un espacio de seguridad para nuestros miembros y empleados. Una vez que tengamos todo en orden, empezaremos a abrir nuestras puertas para seguir sirviendo a nuestros miembros.

Estamos Aquí Para Usted
Por el momento, la buena noticia es que seguimos aquí, como siempre lo hemos estado, ¡y continuamos sirviéndole! Apreciamos su flexibilidad y entendimiento durante este tiempo de transición. Nuestros miembros han estado usando los siguientes servicios seguros para manejar sus finanzas:

  • Servicios electrónicos desde casa y teléfonos móvil.
  • Teléfono, Chat en vivo, y correo electrónico para comunicarse con nuestros representantes que son de mucha ayuda.
  • ITMs (Maquinas de cajero interactivo en nuestra ventanilla) para asistencia en vivo por video de nuestros representantes de DCCU.

Abriremos por fases
Cuando empecemos a abrir nuestras puertas, será por fases. La primera fase incluirá acceso a nuestras sucursales por cita solamente. Esto será especifico a transacciones que se pueden solamente hacer en persona, como cierre de hipotecas, acceso a cajas de seguridad, y citas con nuestro agente financiero.  

Prioridad #1- Seguridad
Como muchas organizaciones, los vestíbulos de DCCU se lucirán diferente. Por su seguridad dentro de las sucursales, usted puede anticipar ver:

  • Barreras protectoras de seguridad en la línea de transacción y oficinas.
  • Letreros y marcadores de distancia social
  • Empleados usando cubre bocas y guantes
  • Menos muebles en los vestíbulos
  • Limpieza y sanitización continua

Manténgase se informado
Estaremos manteniéndolos informados cuando se finalice el plan y haya una fecha. Gracias por su paciencia mientras nos preparamos para abrir de nuevo a servicio completo en nuestros vestíbulos.

April 20, 2020

Access to the DCCU branch inside of the VA hospital is exrtremely limited as the hospital is currently CLOSED to the general public. Only hospital employees and people with a medical appointment will be admitted entrance.

March 27, 2020

La traducción de este mensaje al español esta abajo.

We hope you and your families are staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. With the Governor’s Safer At Home order, Dane County Credit Union is included in the list of Essential Businesses and continues to operate and serve our members. 

During times like these, it’s important to remember that your funds on deposit at Dane County Credit Union are safe. Individual member deposits are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Association. We are closely monitoring our available cash levels and are experiencing an increased demand for cash and are adjusting as necessary. Please know that experts are advising there is no need to withdrawal more cash than usual during this time. Your electronic payment options will continue to work and that is a much safer option.

All drive-ups remain open during regular business hours, however, for everyone’s health and safety, our lobbies remain closed. Please know that the drive-up Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) are available for all members during business hours, and for those with DCCU debit cards, they are available 24/7. During business hours you can interact with a live DCCU staff person who can serve almost all your financial needs. Simply press the “Teller Assistance” button on the screen to get started.

In the far left lane at each of our drive-ups we can accommodate many requests and needs that can’t be handled remotely or through the ITMs, for example a replacement debit card, a cashiers check, or to sign for a loan. Please contact us to make an appointment so we can accommodate you. 

DCCU members also have access to nearly 30,000 free ATMs or can visit a credit union shared branch location offering drive-through banking. To find an ATM or shared branching location near you, please visit our website at

As you look for ways to minimize in-person interactions, connect with us digitally. A wide variety of transactions can be handled conveniently through eBanking, mobile app with mobile deposit, debit and credit cards, and CardValet. Automated payroll and other electronic deposits will continue without interruption as we receive them. Likewise, automatic payments and account withdrawals will continue as scheduled.

Please be patient as you may experience longer than usual lines in the drive up and hold times when calling. Serving you is important to us and we will be with you as soon as we can. As always: We stand for YOU!


Shay Santos


Esperamos que usted y sus familias se encuentren seguros y saludables durante estos tiempos sin precedentes. Con la orden del gobernador “mas seguros en casa”, Dane County Credit Union ha sido incluido en la lista como uno de los negocios esenciales lo cual quiere decir que continuaremos operando y sirviendo a nuestros miembros.

En tiempos como estos, es importante recordar que sus fondos de depósito en Dane County Credit Union están asegurados. Los depósitos individuales de nuestros miembros están asegurados por hasta $250,000 por la Asociación Nacional de Credit Union. Estamos monitoreando detalladamente nuestros niveles de efectivo y estamos experimentando una demanda mas alta de efectivo en estos dias que no es necesaria. Por favor sepa que los expertos han recomendado que no es necesario sacar mas efectivo del que usualmente necesita. Los pagos electrónicos siguen siendo una opción y son una opción mas segura.

Todos los cajeros de ventanilla se mantendrán abiertos durante las horas normales de operación, pero, por la seguridad y salud de todos, nuestras sucursales se mantendrán cerradas por dentro para el público. Por favor sepa que los cajeros interactivos (ITMs) están disponibles para nuestros miembros durante las horas normales de operación, y para los que tienen tarjeta de débito, están disponibles las 24 horas del día los 7 dias de la semana. Durante nuestras horas de operación usted puede interactuar con un personal de DCCU en vivo, quien le ayudara con sus necesidades financieras inmediatamente. Solo tiene que oprimir el botón de “Teller Assistance” que aparece en la pantalla cuando recién llegue. También puede pedir asistencia de alguien que hable español una vez que aparezca el cajero en la pantalla.

En la ventanilla podemos acomodar necesidades financieras que no pueden ser realizadas electrónicamente o por medio de los cajeros interactúales (ITMs). Por ejemplo, los remplazos de tarjetas de débito, cheques de cajero, o firmas para algún préstamo. Por favor llámenos para hacerle una cita ya que los servicios en la ventanilla son limitados.

Los miembros de DCCU también tienen acceso a casi 30,000 cajeros gratis (ATM) o puede visitar una de nuestras locaciones afiliadas que ofrecen servicios como los mencionados anteriormente. Para encontrar un ATM o un credit unión afiliado cerca de usted, por favor visite nuestro sitio web al

Mientras busca formas de minimizar sus interacciones en persona, considere conectarse con nosotros digitalmente. Una gran variedad de transacciones puede ser convenientemente atendidas por servicio bancario electrónico (eBanking), nuestra aplicación móvil, deposito móvil, y CardValet (donde puede controlar su tarjeta de debito en caso de que se extravié). Nuestros depósitos directos de su empleador y otros depósitos electrónicos seguirán funcionando sin interrupción. De igual forma, pagos automáticos y retiros director de sus cuentas continuaran en efecto como lo es de costumbre.

Le pedimos su paciencia durante este tiempo ya que podrá experimentar líneas mas largas de lo usual en la ventanilla y cajeros interactivos. Esto también aplica a los tiempos de espera en nuestras líneas telefónicas. Poder servirles efectivamente es muy importante para nosotros y estaremos disponibles lo mas pronto posible. ¡Estamos aquí para usted!

Con gratitud,

Shay Santos

March 20, 2020

Dear Members,
What a week of change! On Monday, we suspended lobby service and moved all in-person transactions to drive-up. This is a huge adjustment for everyone and what we found was heart-warming. Our members and staff have adapted to these changes with grace. Our staff is ready to help you whether it’s in drive-up with our Interactive Teller Machines, (ITMs), or via phone, chat, or email. Change is often uncomfortable and, in most cases, not easy. I want to thank you for supporting your credit union and our staff.

It is a top priority for us to remain open to serve you, our members, during this time of uncertainty. We have a duty, as a provider of essential services, to be at our best when things may seem at their worst. I believe, at this point in our credit union’s history, our mission statement is ever so important: “Building lifetime relationships with personalized financial solutions”. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, we have resources and solutions available that may help. Please contact us to work out an individual financial solution to help you out.

As you begin your weekend, know that your credit union team is here for YOU! We continue to assess the situation and look forward to resuming lobby service as soon as we are able. Please watch here for updates and new developments.We are honored to serve you. Please stay safe and healthy.

My best to you,

Shay Santos


Queridos Miembros,

¡Qué semana llena de cambios hemos tenido! El lunes, suspendimos los servicios dentro de nuestras sucursales y movimos todas nuestras transacciones en persona a la ventanilla. Este ha sido un gran cambio para todos y lo que encontramos ha sido alentador. Nuestros miembros y empleados han adoptado estos cambios con gracia. Nuestro personal está listo para ayudarle ya sea desde la ventanilla, nuestras ITMs, por teléfono, chat, o correo electrónico. El cambio muchas veces puede ser incomodo, y en muchos casos, no es nada fácil de adoptar. Quiero agradecerle por el apoyo que nos ha brindado al credit unión y a nuestro personal.

Es nuestra prioridad principal, permanecer abiertos para servirle a usted, nuestro miembro, durante este tiempo de incertidumbre. Tenemos una tarea, como proveedor de servicios esenciales, de proveer el mejor servicio cuando todo lo demás parezca empeorar. Creo firmemente, en este punto de la historia de nuestro credit unión, que nuestra misión es más importante que nunca: “crear relaciones de porvida con soluciones financieras personalizadas”. Si está experimentando un tiempo financiero difícil, tenemos recursos y soluciones disponibles para ayudarle. Por favor llámenos y encontraremos una solución personalizada para usted.

¡Al empezar su fin de semana, sepa que el credit unión está aquí para USTED! Continuaremos asesorando la situación y anticipamos abrir nuestras sucursales de nuevo lo más pronto posible. Por favor siga nuestra página para obtener la información más actualizada e información de cualquier cambio. Estamos honrados de servirle. Por favor manténganse a salvo y en buena salud.

Mis mejores deseos,

Shay Santos

March 16, 2020

In response to the growing concerns over the spread of COVID-19, DCCU is suspending lobby service, effective at noon on Monday, March 16. Our priority is to keep staff, members, and our community safe. We will continue to deliver the best member service possible via branch drive-up and call center service during regular business hours. We encourage members to access their accounts remotely with eBanking and the mobile app. Please watch here for the most up-to-date information. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Servicio dentro de las sucursales temporalmente suspendido

En respuesta a la creciente preocupación por el esparcimiento de COVID-19, DCCU se suspenderá los servicios dentro de nuestras sucursales, efectivo a partir de las 12pm del Lunes, 16 de Marzo. Nuestra prioridad es mantener seguros a nuestro personal, nuestros miembros, y nuestra comunidad. Continuaremos ejerciendo el mejor servicio posible para nuestros miembros a través del servicio de Auto banco, líneas telefónicas, y video conferencia por cajeros durante horas normales de servicio. Animamos a todos nuestros miembros que intenten acceder sus cuentas electrónicamente por eBanking, aplicación móvil, o que nos llamen para obtener otras opciones. Apreciamos su entendimiento y cooperación.

Current Drive-Up Hours

Drive-Up Self Service
Drive-Up Teller Service

Current Call Center Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to noon

March 13, 2020

Dear Members,

As concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic heighten, the safety of our members, staff, and community is a top priority. Please read the ways your credit union is preparing for future developments.

We actively monitor and review developments so we can update plans for the safest course of action. Our plan identifies critical functions to ensure you have access to your accounts. Based on current guidance and our own standards, we are open for business.

Our branches, drive up, and contact center are currently all open to serve you. State-of-the-art drive-up Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) give you the option to stay in your vehicle while speaking with our staff via live video. If you have a DCCU debit Mastercard, the ITMs give you 24/7 access to your account, including making deposits.

For remote access online eBanking and the mobile app let you transfer funds, make loan payments, pay bills, and keep track of account balances. Through the app you can deposit checks by taking a photo. To get set up with these services, please contact us.

For members who experience hardship due to the economic impact, please contact us. We may be able help ease the financial strain you’re experiencing.

Unfortunately, it is times like these when fraudsters take advantage of distress and develop schemes that appear legitimate, urgent, and trustworthy. We encourage you to be on alert for anything that seems to good to be true and urge you not to make decisions without fully understanding all the facts. For more information on how to protect yourself and what to watch for visit our Security Center:

Inside our branches and offices, we’re paying extra attention to cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces that are likely to be infected. Our staff is promoting a healthy work environment by following best practice recommendations from the CDC, including frequent hand washing as well as deviating from handshakes to a verbal greeting instead. Also, we support and encourage staff, who have symptoms consistent with the flu or Coronavirus, to stay home to reduce exposure to others.

We continue to monitor developments and evaluate additional measures necessary to support our members and staff. If it becomes necessary to close our branches or implement changes that impact service, we have a plan in place to continue critical operations so you have access to your accounts and money. We will communicate changes as quickly and completely as we’re able. Watch your email and for the latest news about service interruptions.

At Dane County Credit Union, everything we do is in the best interest of our members. The impact and the uncertainties of what this outbreak brings is real and we are prepared to take further action if needed. We appreciate your membership and thank you for your continued loyalty.

Sincerely yours,

Shay Santos
CEO / President

For the latest information about coronavirus, please visit the links below:




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