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FAQs for Dane County Credit Union's proposed partnership with Heartland Credit Union.

Account Conversion FAQs

You have questions about the upcoming account conversion, we have answers! If you don't see your question answered below or in this Account Conversion Mailer, send it to [email protected]

We are excited about the upcoming conversion of existing Dane County Credit Union (DCCU) accounts to Heartland Credit Union (HCU) accounts. Find more info on the

All members will be affected in some way during the conversion process, and we are working very hard to minimize interruptions. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Keep in mind that these changes are necessary to complete the partnership between DCCU and HCU.

What can I do to prepare for conversion weekend?

We recommend you make note of all current payments and transfers, then please review them after the account conversion for accuracy.


Prior to Sunday, September 25 you may send, schedule, and cancel payments in Bill Pay. Scheduled payments will process through September 30. Make note of your payees prior to September 25 as the new HCU Bill Pay will not have any past payees stored and you will need to enter your payees.


Prior to September 30, download your previous months’ DCCU statements if you need to, as the new HCU system will only store statements starting with your October 2022 statement.


Prior to 5:00 pm, September 30, download your Quicken online banking transaction history.


As of September 28, online payments will no longer be available. HCU’s one-time payment service will be available starting October 3. Please adjust your payments accordingly. Recurring payments will no longer be a service option.

How can I access my accounts on the conversion weekend?

For account access you will be able to write checks, use your Elan credit card; or use your DCCU (through Sunday, October 3) and HCU debit cards(beginning on October 4) for purchases and to withdraw from ATMs during this downtime. For security reasons, dollar limits will be placed on transactions. You may experience other service interruptions throughout the weekend. See the Timeline for more details about when service are available.

Can I use my debit card over the conversion weekend?

Your DCCU debit card will be functional through Sunday, October 2. For security reasons, purchase and withdrawal limits will be imposed.

You will be mailed a new HCU debit card (with a new number) in mid-September. Follow the activation instructions to select your PIN. You may activate your new card upon receipt but continue using your DCCU debit card through Sunday, October 2. Begin using your new HCU debit card on Monday, October 3.

PLEASE NOTE: DCCU's UChoose Rewards program is ending, and points need to be redeemed by September 23, 2022. Any remaining points after that date will expire.

What do I need to know about writing DCCU checks?

Good news! You may use your DCCU checks until October NEXT YEAR (2023). Also, Cleared check copies – returning to online banking.

You may continue to use your current DCCU checks throughout the conversion weekend and then up until October 2023. At that time, or when you deplete your current stock, order new checks using HCU’s Routing Number: 275978886. Order checks by contacting us.

The current Overdraft Privilege program will be discontinued as of October 1. HOWEVER, you still have the overdraft protection services you currently have set up, such as automatic transfers from savings, and automatic transfers from credit lines such as Kwik Cash.

Will my account number change?

The majority of members’ account numbers WILL NOT CHANGE. The few members whose numbers are changing, will be contacted directly.

After the conversion will I need to re-enroll in online banking?

Yes, on October 4 you can use your current DCCU eBanking User ID and password to log in to HCU’s online and mobile banking, but please note that, for security purposes, you will be asked to change your password upon your first login. If you have multiple DCCU accounts, enter the username associated with your lowest account number. You will be able to access all your accounts from this login.

If you need assistance logging in to online or mobile banking call 800 362-3944 for assistance.

Do I need to do anything for my direct deposit?

If your account number did not change, your direct deposit will not be affected and you do NOT need to do anything to continue receiving your direct deposits to your account, including payroll.

What happens to my Bill Pay account?

DCCU Bill Pay is available through Sunday, September 25 to send, schedule, and cancel payments. Scheduled payments will process through September 30.

Current payees in DCCU’s Bill Pay WILL NOT CARRY OVER to the new HCU online banking. Payments and transfers will need to be set up in the new system. Please take note of your current payees in DCCU’s Bill Pay prior to 5:00 pm, Sunday, September 25.

Do I need to update my automatic payments?

We recommend you make note of all current payments and transfers, then please review them after the account conversion for accuracy. If you see discrepancies, please contact us. Your DCCU loans will show as closed on your credit report and will be reposted as Heartland Credit Union. Continue to make loan payments as usual. This activity will not affect your credit score.

  • Payments set up with your current DCCU debit card will need to be updated with your new HCU debit card number and expiration date.
  • Direct deposits, payments and transfers set up via ACH or COACH will continue as usual.
  • Payments and transfers set up in DCCU’s Bill Pay will need to be set up again in HCU’s Bill Pay.
  • Transfers and payments from DCCU accounts to other DCCU accounts will continue as usual.
  • DCCU’s Make a Payment Service will no longer be available as of Wednesday, September 28. Starting on October 3, HCU’s one-time online payment service will be available at Recurring payments will no longer be a service option.
  • DCCU mortgage loan servicing is changing to Midwest Loan Services. Notification and payment instructions will be sent to those members affected by this change.
  • Loan payments (besides those serviced by Midwest Loan Services) can be mailed to:
    Heartland Credit Union
    5325 High Crossing Boulevard
    Madison WI 53718-2301

Will I still get a bill for my DCCU home equity loan?

DCCU members with a home equity loan were getting a mailed billing statement each month containing payment info for just that loan. This will cease with conversion, and the payment information will be provided like any other loan such as on your statement and in online or mobile banking.

Will TLC (telephone banking) change?

TLC phone banking is changing to MARS. The phone number for MARS 24/7 telephone banking is 800 362-6277.

Log in for the first time by using your two-digit birth month, two-digit birth day and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), like this: MMDD####. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Can I access my safe deposit box during the system upgrade?

No, all Dane County Credit Union branches will be CLOSED Saturday, October 1 until Tuesday, October 4.

What if I have more questions?

Don’t see an answer you’re looking for? Contact us at [email protected] with any questions about your account conversion.

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