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Dane County Credit Union proposes partnership with Heartland Credit Union.

Account Conversion Details

Important Account Changes Ahead

Your Dane County Credit Union accounts are converting to Heartland Credit Union accounts in early October 2022. Not everyone loves change. We get that. But don’t worry, we’ll help by outlining the necessary changes and the steps you will need to take for a smooth transition.

Why? In the early part of 2022 Dane County Credit Union (DCCU) members voted in favor of a partnership with Heartland Credit Union. Together, we look forward to providing better products, services, and world-class security to all DCCU and Heartland members.

Quick Facts

What is happening?

DCCU member accounts will convert to Heartland Credit Union accounts in October 2022.

Does this affect me?

Some of the things that are changing in early October include:

  • Online banking
  • Bill Pay
  • Mobile app
  • Debit cards
  • Telephone Banking

Over the next couple of months be sure to watch your email, postal mail and here for instructions and the most up to date information.

We sincerely thank you for your patience during this transition and for taking time to update your accounts and services.


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