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Dane County Credit Union proposes partnership with Heartland Credit Union.

Heartland Credit Union Partnership Details

DCCU Members Voted!

Dane County Credit Union (DCCU) is excited to announce that the proposed partnership with Heartland Credit Union has been approved by members. Together, the partnership allows us to do so much more and continue to bring value to all members. Read more details about what is and is not chaning for DCCU members.

Quick Facts

What is happening?

DCCU is joining forces with and becoming part of Heartland Credit Union (HCU).

Why is this happening?

In order to provide DCCU members with the best services now and into the future, DCCU needs to partner with HCU.

Does this affect me?

Members will enjoy enhanced mobile and technology offerings, state of the art online banking as well as new product offerings. Overall the changes will take time.  The way you bank with DCCU will mostly stay the same until the transition to HCU's systems is completed later in 2022. 

What else do I really need to know?

We are fully committed to keeping members' best interests at the forefront. The partnership allows for improved services, more convenience, greater access to cutting edge technologies that simplify banking, and more meaningful returns to the community.


Answers to more of your questions - FAQs

Why does DCCU want to partner with Heartland Credit Union?

  • More opportunities for DCCU members
  • Beneficial to members, staff and community
  • Easier for a larger credit union to remain competitive in the financial marketplace
  • Top-tier future advanced technology and increased efficiencies
  • More opportunities for staff development and advancement
  • Both credit unions share similar visions, philosophy, culture, and strategic goals
  • Continued commitment to excellent member service, care, attention and respect

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Partnering with Heartland Credit Union brings the greatest benefit to you, Dane County Credit Union members. You will have more opportunities to use better products and services and a continuously improved technological infrastructure, allowing you to get more out of your credit union and achieve your financial goals.

Many factors were considered in choosing to partner with Heartland Credit Union, but the number one decision was whether this will be in the best interest of the membership of each organization. After much discussion and exploration, the Boards of Directors determined that combining our credit unions is beneficial to all members, staff, and the communities we serve.

Currently both credit unions are financially healthy and are successful in serving their members and the community. When looking at future sustainability, both organizations are faced with heavy competition from other financial institutions as well as emerging non-traditional banking alternatives. Joining forces now provides both credit unions the opportunities to leverage resources, position for growth, and increase efficiencies. As one larger credit union it is more feasible to meet future demands for advanced technology, expanded product and service offerings, remaining competitive, and ultimately further enhance the lives of our members.

DCCU and HCU have always been friendly competitors and have worked together over the years to help support each other in various facets. The similarities in size and membership demographics make this a true partnership. Their shared visions, philosophy, culture, and strategic goals are closely aligned making this a good fit for both credit unions to increase the ability to continue serving current and future members. Each organization is fully committed to keeping the best interest of the members first and foremost by serving members with the same care, attention, and respect as always.

What are the benefits of a partnership with Heartland Credit Union?

  • Combined resources allow for enhanced products and services as well as more community support
  • From 3 to 11 branch locations + Oregon opening in near future
  • Greater career opportunities, advancement, new roles, and specialization for staff
  • More personal development and continued competitive employee benefits
  • Increased resources to meet community needs through more time, money, and volunteering

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The partnership with Heartland Credit Union will provide members with enhanced products and services and more resources to help achieve greater financial success. Additional locations in the Madison area and southwestern Wisconsin allow for greater flexibility and access to personal services. There will be more opportunities for the credit union to support local communities, helping to create thriving and connected neighborhoods that will make a positive impact on all our lives.

Branches of both credit unions will remain open, giving members access to 11 locations. The partnership fosters the capability to expand within a large field of membership and to build future branches to serve members in new areas. Most notably, members can look forward to the opening of a branch in the Oregon community in the near future.

Heartland Credit Union Locations

High Crossing Boulevard - 5325 High Crossing Boulevard Madison, WI 53718-2301 

Williamson (Willy) Street Office - 944 Williamson Street Madison, WI 53703-4506 

De Forest Office  - 120 Vinburn Road De Forest, WI 53532-1487 

Verona Office - 105 Enterprise Drive Verona, WI 53593-9122 

Dodgeville Office - 1205 Joseph Street Dodgeville, WI 53533-9672 

Lancaster Office - 1000 Ihm Street Lancaster, WI 53813-9600 

Platteville Office - 1520 E. Business Highway 151 Platteville, WI 53818-3843 

Dane County Credit Union Locations 

Rimrock Road Office - 2160 Rimrock Road Madison, WI 53713 

Struck Street Office - 709 Struck Steet Madison, WI 53711 

East Washington Office - 3397 E Washington Avenue Madison, WI 53704 

VA Hospital Branch - 2500 University Avenue Madison, WI 53705

Member accounts will continue to be federally insured through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, which is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government and managed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).


This partnership is possible because of the trusted and loyal staff of both credit unions. Taking care of employees has always been and will continue to be a top priority. As the combined credit union grows there will be greater opportunities for advancement, new roles, and specialization for staff. It will allow for more personal development with continued competitive benefits.

Members hold staff in high regard as they are friends, family, and neighbors who provide exceptional service. Both Dane County Credit Union and Heartland Credit Union pride themselves on having a strong local presence and will continue to be a solid employer within the community.


Dane County Credit Union and Heartland Credit Union are known for supporting local organizations, events, and activities that foster strong communities, and this will not change. Combining credit unions will result in greater resources to invest in our local communities which benefits members. Members live in the communities we serve so it’s important to continue bridging credit union resources with community needs through donations, sponsorship, and volunteering.


The board of our combined credit union will consist of directors from both credit unions. In fact, all 3 of DCCU’s board members who will continue serving are employees of Dane County. DCCU’s original field of membership served the Dane County employees, and this group continues to be an important representation of our credit union, now and in the future.

What will change ?

  • New name – Heartland Credit Union
  • Membership - open to a larger geographic area covering southwestern Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois
  • New Board of Directors includes current DCCU directors
  • Integration of account systems takes time to ensure a smooth transition

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Once the two credit unions join, the field of membership will expand beyond Dane County, so the combined credit union will adopt Heartland Credit Union’s name. This is more reflective and inclusive of the entire membership and all the communities served - those in the heartland, rural, and urban areas.

Field of Membership

Credit unions are required to have a defined field of membership to serve those with a common bond. Currently Dane County Credit Union’s Field of Membership includes everyone living or working in Dane County, the 7 contiguous counties, as well as members’ immediate family. This will expand to Heartland’s Field of Membership which encompasses 28 counties in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois, and various affiliations.


The combined credit union will be a $600 million institution serving 37,000 members, with 11 branches, and 150 employees. While the size is more than doubling, members will still experience the hometown, local feel that they’ve always appreciated. The greater size allows us to stay competitive and offer the services members need and expect from a financial service provider.

Board of Directors

The combined credit union board will expand to nine member volunteers: three from Dane County Credit Union and six from Heartland Credit Union. Plus, one associate board position will be filled by Dane County Credit Union. The continuing DCCU board members are current employees of Dane County which is the founding employer group for Dane County Credit Union.


Sally Dischler, currently Heartland Credit Union’s Chief Executive Officer, will be CEO of the combined credit union. Sally will be retiring in 2022, at which time, Angela Hanson, President of Heartland will be promoted to President/CEO. Current CEO of Dane County Credit Union, Shay Santos, will be filling the role of Chief Operations Officer.

Accounts and Services

It will take some time to integrate systems so there will be very few changes that the Dane County Credit Union members will notice right away. Any changes made to member accounts and services will be with the intent of offering the best available solution to meet member financial needs. Over the next year, we will keep members informed and will do our best to make the transition go smoothly.

What else do members need to know?

Transition Period

After the official merger of both credit unions, there will be a transition period before Dane County Credit Union will be entirely operating as Heartland Credit Union. Overall changes will take time and you will notice that the complete transformation will not happen immediately. As we migrate to the same account transaction processing system in October 2022, Dane County Credit Union members will experience some changes and updates to their accounts. Members will be informed of these changes by mail, email, and updates on the website.

Partnership FAQs


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