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Dane County Credit Union proposes partnership with Heartland Credit Union.

Account Conversion Details

Your New Heartland Credit Union Accounts

Your Dane County Credit Union accounts have converting to Heartland Credit Union accounts.

Why? In the early part of 2022 Dane County Credit Union (DCCU) members voted in favor of a partnership with Heartland Credit Union. Together, we look forward to providing better products, services, and world-class security to all DCCU and Heartland members. In order for our credit unions to operate as one, accounts and services need to align.

We sincerely thank you for your patience during this transition and for taking time to update your accounts and services.

DCCU Members Who ALSO Currently Have a Heartland Credit Union Account - FAQs

What happens to my accounts? ?

Your DCCU accounts will now be HCU accounts. They will remain separate accounts and will retain your DCCU account number (members whose account numbers changed were notified). Your current Heartland Credit Union accounts will not be affected.

What will my online and mobile banking look like?

You will see all your accounts that you are connected to on Heartland Credit Union’s online and mobile banking. Use your current HCU username and password. You will no longer need your DCCU eBanking log in credentials. Look at the abbreviated account number under each account name (see example image) to determine which account is which.

Do I have to do anything special other than the actions all DCCU members need to do?


Can I consolidate my accounts after October 1?

Yes BUT, from October 1 – 15 our phones and branch staff will likely be extremely busy. We recommend that if you want to simplify your accounts - for instance you have a checking account at BOTH DCCU and HCU and prefer to have only one checking account – follow these steps:

  1. Move your deposits and automatic payments from the account you want to close to the one you’d like to remain open.
  2. Wait to make sure your deposits and automatic withdrawals are working as desired, and you have no more activity in the accounts you want to close.
  3. Move funds from all accounts you’d like to close to those you want to keep open.
  4. Contact us AFTER October 15 to close the accounts you no longer want.

Payments and Transfers

Please review them after the account conversion for accuracy. If you see discrepancies, please contact us. Your DCCU loans will show as closed on your credit report and will be reposted as Heartland Credit Union. Continue to make loan payments as usual. This activity will not affect your credit score.

Unless we contact you, don't change any existing routing numbers or account numbers. For new direct deposits or withdrawals, you can use the routing and account number on your checks, or call us to confirm the routing and account number for the account you wish to use.

Payments set up with your current DCCU debit card will need to be updated with your new HCU debit card number and expiration date.

Direct deposits, payments and transfers set up via ACH or COACH will continue as usual.

Payments and transfers set up in DCCU’s Bill Pay will need to be set up again.

We are aware of issues within online banking with Bill Pay and Pay a Person services where payments are not working. We have a team working diligently on a resolution.

In the meantime, please refrain from scheduling payments within Bill Pay and from using Pay a Person until further notice. We recommend paying your bill via the merchant’s website, by personal check, or by stopping by one of our branches for a cashier’s check.

Heartland Credit Union's Bill Pay - setting up new payees.

Transfers and payments from DCCU accounts to other DCCU accounts will continue as usual.

HCU’s one-time online payment service is available at Recurring payments are no longer a service option.

DCCU mortgage loan servicing has changed to Midwest Loan Services. Notification and payment instructions were sent to affected members.

Loan payments (besides those serviced by Midwest Loan Services) can be mailed to:

Heartland Credit Union
5325 High Crossing Boulevard
Madison WI 53718-2301

Click to view Account Change in Terms

This is a notice of change to the Terms and Conditions of your account with Heartland Credit Union (formally Dane County Credit Union). Effective October 1, 2022, your accounts shall be governed by the updated Master Account Disclosure. Please see the highlighted changes below. To obtain a copy of the full Master Account Disclosure, Truth in Savings Disclosure, and Fee Schedule, contact us at 608-282-7000 or 800-362-3944, or [email protected]

After Conversion: Member Account Information

Account Numbers

The majority of members’ account numbers DID NOT CHANGE. The few members whose numbers changed, were contacted directly.

Direct Deposit

If your account number did not change, your direct deposit has not been affected and you do NOT need to do anything to continue receiving your direct deposits to your account, including payroll. Unless we contact you, don't change any existing routing numbers or account numbers. For new direct deposits or withdrawals, you can use the routing and account number on your checks, or call us to confirm the routing and account number for the account you wish to use.


You may continue to use your current DCCU checks for a year until October 2023. Order new checks by contacting us.

Account Conversion FAQs

Answers to more of your questions - FAQs

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