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DCCU CEO message about Dane County Credit Union proposed partnership.

Special Member Message

From the DCCU Board of Directors

Dear Members,

Since 1935, Dane County Credit Union has been committed to delivering value, service, and convenience to enhance its members’ financial wellbeing. As your Board of Directors, it is our responsibility to ensure the credit union always delivers on that commitment. With this in mind, we unanimously agree it is in the best interests of Dane County Credit Union, its members, employees, and the communities served, to form a partnership with Heartland Credit Union.

We have chosen Heartland Credit Union because of many shared similarities. Both organizations bring different strengths to the partnership for the benefit of all members. This partnership is a smart move and a good fit for both credit unions. It will ensure continued growth and a stronger ability to remain competitive, especially among the larger banks and credit unions in the local market. We have thoroughly examined the benefits this collaboration will bring, and the rewards are many!

Be assured that both credit unions are financially strong and stable; however, it is increasingly difficult at our size to continue providing the technological tools, financial services, and products that give you the greatest value and best possible experience, now and into the future. By joining forces, we can offer more to help members achieve their financial goals and make more of a positive impact in our communities.

In order for this partnership to take place, we will be conducting a membership vote. In addition, members will be invited to a special membership meeting prior to the voting deadline. Your entire Board of Directors is excited for the future direction of our credit union and endorses this partnership. We encourage and look forward to your support with a ‘YES’ vote.

Cooperatively yours,

Jeff Heil, Chairman
Theola Carter, Vice Chair
Cody Davies, Secretary
J. McLellan, Treasurer
Michelle Willits, Director
Sara Westbury, Director
Ryan Liljestrand, Director
Belinda Baron, Associate Director

Dane County Credit Union members should be sure to review details about the partnership, attend the membership meeting, submit comments, and cast your vote.

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