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DCCU CEO message about Dane County Credit Union proposed partnership.

Special Member Message

DCCU Members Have Voted!

Dane County Credit Union (DCCU) is excited to announce that the proposed partnership with Heartland Credit Union has been approved by members. Together, the partnership allows us to do so much more and continue to bring value to all members.

While the official legal merger takes place March 1, the blending of the two credit unions will take some time. You will notice very little change as you conduct business as usual with your current DCCU accounts. In October 2022, we will be combining operating systems which will finalize the partnership. This is when DCCU members’ accounts will switch to Heartland Credit Union accounts. We will communicate clearly and with plenty of advanced notice everything you need to know regarding actions you will need to take. As we go through this process together, know that we are here for YOU and will help along the way.

What do I need to know right now?

  • Account numbers stay the same until October 2022. Continue using your current DCCU account number, online banking login and password until October 2022. At that time, DCCU account numbers will change.
  • Continue to use DCCU checks for an additional year - until October 2023. DCCU checks will continue to work through October 2023. You’ll receive notice of this as the deadline gets closer. Members will use Heartland Credit Union checks beginning in October 2023.
  • Continue to use DCCU debit Mastercard until October 2022. Your current DCCU debit card will continue to work until October 2022. Prior to that, if you need a replacement card, branch-issued cards will be available for members at current DCCU locations (Rimrock Rd, Struck St, and East Washington Ave)
  • Routing numbers and automatic transactions stay the same until October 2022. Members will continue to use the DCCU routing number, 275978750, for all automatic transactions until the operating system conversion in October 2022. Automatic transactions will stay the same until October 2022 when they will need to be updated.
  • Online banking is the same until October 2022. Continue to use the same DCCU online banking services for eBanking, mobile app, and mobile deposit. In October 2022, we will be switching to a new system. The link to eBanking will be accessible via DCCU’s mobile app will stay the same until the new system is in place.
  • Continue to use DCCU branches:
    • 2160 Rimrock Rd
    • 709 Struck St
    • 3394 East Washington Ave
    • VA Hospital – for VA employees
  • Heartland Credit Union branches are available through the Shared Branch network
  • Contact us the same way you do now, through October 2022.
  • Through October 2022, apply for a loan visit, which will route you to the appropriate loan application - which, in some cases will be Heartland Credit Union’s loan application.
  • Elan credit cards stay the same, but DCCU branding will be phased out. Your current DCCU Elan credit card will still be valid. The only change is it will no longer be branded as Dane County Credit Union. Elan Financial Services owns and manages your Visa credit card account and due to the new partnership, they will drop the Dane County Credit Union brand association. You will continue to login to Cardmember Service for online access at

Over the coming months you will begin to see our new name, Heartland Credit Union, in branches, on the website and on correspondence. We expect this switch to be completed by the end of the year.

Delivering exceptional service to members is our top priority and everything will be done to ensure your experience with this change is as seamless as possible. Throughout this year please watch your mail and email for information regarding changes. The most up-to-date information, along with frequently asked questions, stay tuned to

We look forward to the exciting future direction of the combined credit union and all the new benefits to members, like you!

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