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student loans in Madison Wisconsin at Dane County Credit Union

Student Loans

Students, Dane County Credit Union understands that one of the biggest and most important times in your life are your college years. We also understand that college, as well as student loans, are definitely not a small undertaking. Student loans can soar from tens to even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dane County Credit Union wants to make your student loan process as easy and painless as possible. We know that student loan repayment can be a source of major stress well after college, and we want to help alleviate that, too!

Dane County Credit Union offers a number of ways to help with this process: Great rates, 90 day deferral of your first payment, and a variety of options to fit your budget. We have kind, friendly staff members who are willing to listen and to help, depending on the kind of situation you are in. Many of our staff are professionals who have been there before! They will lend a sympathetic ear and are always ready to help.

Student Education Loans

Through a partnership with LendKey, Dane County Credit Union offers members private student loans and student loan refinancing.

All federal student loans are issued via the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program. Contact your school’s financial aid office for more information on securing federal student loans.

Student Loan Counseling

Making the wrong decision about how to handle your student loan can be costly. We’ll empower you to make an informed decision on which repayment option is best for you. See the options.

For questions or service related to existing Federal Family Educational Loans secured through Dane County Credit Union prior to July 1, 2010, contact our chosen servicer, Great Lakes at 800 236-4300 or at


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