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special rate personal loans in Madison Wisconsin at Dane County Credit Union

Personal Loans

Personal Loans

If saving money makes you smile, you're in for a big grin! Get a personal loan for any reason - your next vacation, a new computer, or that engagement ring you’ve had your eye on - and save with low rates. Also, consolidate debt to simplify or lower your payments.

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Personal Loan Options

Debt Counseling

GreenPath offers free credit counseling and debt counseling to help ease your financial stress, address your financial concerns, and develop a plan for living a financially healthy life. If you’re concerned about debt... GreenPath can help.

Credit Builder Loan

The perfect solution if you have no credit, little credit, or unfavorable credit. DCCU's Credit Builder personal loan focuses on building or raising your credit score. It is designed to not only help your credit, but also save you money for the future.

The way it works is we take the money you borrow and put it in a certificate for 12 months. You earn interest on the certificate, while paying a very low interest rate on the loan (determined by adding only 3 percentage points to the rate of your certificate.) By the time you pay off the loan, you have positively affected your credit score AND have built up a savings account from the money in the certificate!

DREAMer Personal Loan

Are you ready to apply for or renew your DACA but can’t come up with the hefty application fee? Dane County Credit Union can help! We recognize that coming up with funds to start this process can be a barrier and we want to make it easier for you to get started. Mostly we want to help you have peace of mind so you can achieve your dreams and thrive in our community.

DCCU’s DREAMer Persoanl Loan is for individuals applying for deferred action under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

What DCCU Offers
  • No credit history required
  • Loan paid back over 6 months*
  • Low interest rate
  • No application fee
  • Fast approval
  • Check made out to the Department of Homeland Security
  • DCCU membership
  • Completed Deferred Action Application (I-821D)
  • Photo ID (Passport, Matrícula Consular, Student ID)
  • Proof of physical address
  • Proof of income for applicant or co-signer (Letter of employment, pay stub, tax return, W2)
  • Applicants under 18 can apply with co-signer or parents
  • Builds positive credit report
  • Access to DCCU products
  • Family members can join DCCU

*Maximum amount of loan equals DACA application fee. $5 savings account required. Normal credit granting and account opening standards apply.

Kwik Cash

A Kwik Cash open-end line of credit is tied to your DCCU checking account. It provides overdraft protection as well as the ability to draw from your credit line when needed for extra cash.

Advantage Line

An Advantage Line open-end personal line of credit is a fast, easy, low-cost cash source. Funds can easily be transferred to your checking or savings account.

Share Secured Loan

Use your savings funds to secure a personal loan. Your low loan rate is determined by adding 3.00%APR to your savings rate.

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