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auto loans in Madison Wisconsin at Dane County Credit Union

Auto Loans

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A car should be your most reliable asset. It’s not simply a form of transportation, but an extension of you! It gets you to all the places you need to be – work or school, the mall or your best friend’s house, you know, everywhere. At Dane County Credit Union, we understand that one of the most important loans you will need is an auto loan. We are here for you and your sweet, new vehicle!

When checking out auto loans in Madison, DCCU is the way to go. You’ll enjoy flexible terms, low rates, up to 100% financing, and exceptional service. We even offer some easy add-ons like extended warranty to ensure your entire process is easy. With a DCCU auto loan pre-approval, you’ll know exactly how much you have to spend before you go car shopping and can avoid an impulse purchase. It’s also a great bargaining tool at the dealer. Let Dane County Credit Union be your trusted source for an auto loan in Madison. You’ll be on the road in no-time, because we know life gets busy and we stand for being on-the-go!

And If you’ve already financed your vehicle somewhere else it's not too late to save money on your car loan at DCCU. Talk to us about refinancing your loan, and you may be able to lower your monthly payment, your rate, or the length of your loan.

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Eric is DCCU's Marketing Representative and he needs a new car. But where to start? Follow his car buying adventure on the DCCU blog.

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