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Traveling with DCCU in your pocket

Relax with DCCU!

Everyone loves to take a vacation! Relaxing, shopping for souvenirs and exploring new surroundings are great ways to spend time away from home. Enjoy vacations even more knowing your bills are paid and you have access to your money. DCCU has several products to help simplify your adventure.

Travel Card

Reloadable Visa Travel Card - a safe, preapaid and reloadable alternative to cash

Traveling with your DCCU Visa Debit Card

Before Travel

  • Notify Dane County Credit Union before traveling internationally. Advance notification will help ensure that legitimate purchases are approved. Be aware that your DCCU debit card is subject to daily POS and cash withdrawal limits. Please contact DCCU when you plan to use either your DCCU debit or credit card in ANY foreign country. The fraud detection systems we have in place could recognize foreign transactions as unusual activity and shut down further card activity. We are here to help you avoid experiencing any inconvenience of this type during your travels.
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Memorizing your PIN will help you easily obtain cash from local ATMs. CAUTION: For security reasons, never write your PIN on your debit card.
  • Keep your debit card account number and the lost / stolen customer service contact telephone number 800 472-3272 in a safe place (separate from your wallet or handbag).

During Travel

  • In some countries (particularly in Europe), merchants may be more familiar with accepting EMV chip cards (cards with an embedded chip) than magnetic-stripe cards. Your DCCU Mastercard debit card has an EMV chip.
  • If any problems or concerns arise pertaining to your debit card, contact Dane County Credit Union by dialing 800 593-3228 or if after hours contact 800 232-2024.


eBanking & Bill Pay - monitor accounts, make transfers and pay bills online while traveling. Learn more about eBanking & Bill Pay.

eStatements - before leaving sign up for eStatements so your monthly paper statement isn't left vulnerable in your mailbox. Learn more about eStatements.

Automatic payments & transfers

Set up automatic loan payments to avoid late penalties and set up transfers so your money is where it needs to be. Loan payments can be set up so the payment comes from one of your DCCU accounts or from another financial.

Direct Deposit

When traveling on payday, direct deposit will ensure your money is automatically available when you need it.

Kwik Cash

Kwik Cash overdraft protection protects your checking account form overdraft fees with this line of credit.

National and International account access

Alliance One ATMs - online listing of national surcharge free ATMs for DCCU members. View the Alliance One ATM listing.

CO-OP Shared Branches - search online for US and international credit union branches for access to all your DCCU accounts. Visit the CO-OP Shared Branches website.


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