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Safe Deposit Box Application

To open your safe deposit box, simply complete our Secure On-Line Application below. This speeds up the opening process, as we can have the paperwork completed and ready to sign when you come in.* If you prefer, the application can be printed out and mailed or faxed in as well.

*All renters must be present at the credit union at the same time to sign the contract.

Please fill out the requested information and use the Submit button to securely forward the application to us. If you prefer you may print the form and drop off, mail or fax to Dane County Credit Union for processing. We will contact you by phone when your safe deposit paperwork is completed and ready for your signature.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all box sizes may be available at all times. If the size you request is not available, we will contact you to either be placed on a waiting list, or to choose an alternate size box.

Physical descriptions are necessary for proof of ID purposes.

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