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Service Pricing Fee Schedule

Precios de Servicios - Service Pricing in Spanish

DCCU Checking

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
Monthly service fee None
Minimum balance None
ATM deposits No charge
Unlimited check writing Free
Unlimited debit card transactions (PIN or signature) Free

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Debit card

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
Annual fee None
Unlimited debit card transactions (PIN and signature) Free
Replacement card fee


Inactive fee (after 6 months)

$5.00 per month

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Account access

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
Mobile banking Free
Online banking (eBanking)* Free
Online bill payment (eBills)* Free
eBills inactive fee (after 6 months inactivity) $5.00 per month
Personal Financial Management tool (The Hub)* Free
Phone banking (TLC - Teller Line Connection) Free
Electronic statements (eStatements) Free
Paper statements $2.00 per month
Returned statement fee (per unreported address change) $5.00
Statement copies $5.00 per month
DCCU-owned ATMs or Alliance One Network ATMS No DCCU surcharge
Credit union service center transactions (up to 8 per month) Free
Credit union service center transactions (over 8 per month) $5.00

*Service will be disenabled after a period of inactivity.

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Transaction Amount $1.00 - $249.99 $250.00 - 999.99 $1000 and above
3 day transfer $0.50 $0.75 $1.50
Next day transfer $0.85 $1.00 $2.00

*Fees are subject to change without notice.

Relationship Builder Accounts

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
Monthly service fee - savings only account $5.95
Monthly service fee - checking account $9.95

Miscellaneous Checking Fees

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
Stop payment $30.00
Check printing charge Variable
Returned Check Fee $10.00
Overdraft protection transfers from savings* $5.00 each
Overdraft protection transfers from line of credit* Free
Overdraft - per item - DCCU pays item* $30.00
Overdraft - per item - DCCU returns item to payee* $30.00
Reconciliation of checkbook/research projects $25.00/hour

*An Overdraft occurs when funds are not available to cover a transaction.

Regular Savings Accounts

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
Monthly service fee None
Minimum balance $5.00
Number of withdrawals per month 6
Holiday account early withdrawal fee $5.00 each
Savings Booster account withdrawal fee $5.00 each after one free per calendar year

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Miscellaneous Account Fees

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
Loan application fee Free
Balance inquiry or transfer Free
Copy of cancelled check $5.00 each (free on eBanking)
Non-member fee for cashing a check drawn on a DCCU account 2% of check (minimum $5.00)
Check cashing fee and two-party check cashing fee* 2% of check (minimum $5.00)
Coin counting fee - members No charge
Coin counting fee - non-members 5% of total coin
Inactive account fee** $5.00 per month
Incoming wire fee $20.00
Outgoing wire transfer (domestic) $30.00
Outgoing wire transfer (foreign) $75.00
Outgoing wire transfer (Western Union) $30.00
Cashier's checks $2.00 each
Money orders $2.00 each
Administrative fee if account closed within 90 days $5.00
Reloadable Travel Visa Cards $9.95 (reload fee $.50 - $2.00)
Reloadable Everyday Spend Visa Cards - Disclosure $11.95 (reload fee $.50 - $2.00)
Visa Gift Cards $2.95
Subordination Agreement Processing fee $100.00
Temporary Check Printing fee $1.00 for 4 checks
Tax Levy/Garnishment $35.00

*Waived if you use any one of these services: Savings of $200 or more, prior to the check cashing transaction; installment loan, paid as agreed; active checking account in good standing.

**Charged on dormant accounts, with a balance of $225 or less, or abandoned accounts with a balance more than $225.

Safe Deposit Boxes - Rimrock Road branch only

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
3" x 5" x 21" $30.00 annually
3" x 10" x 21" $45.00 annually
5" x 10" x 21" $60.00 annually
10" x 10" x 21" $80.00 annually
Drill fee $200.00
Lost key replacement $20 for 1 / $200 for both

Not all sizes may be available at all times.

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All fees subject to change.


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