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money market savings accounts in Madison Wisconsin at Dane County Credit Union

Money Market Savings Account

A Money Market savings account gives you a higher earning potential than regular savings accounts while still maintaining access to your funds. Up to 6 withdrawals per month are allowed. Open a regular money market with a minimum of $2000 or a Money Market Premium with $5000.*

Account Type Minimum** APY*
Money Market $2,000 0.03%
$10,000 0.03%
$25,000 0.08%
$50,000 0.13%
$100,000 0.13%
Money Market Premium $5,000 0.03%
$25,000 0.08%
$50,000 0.13%
$100,000 0.13%
$250,000+ 0.18%
*Dividends are compounded and paid monthly.
**Minimum deposit is the minimum balance to earn dividends and does not include the required $5 membership share savings account.


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