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Holiday savings accounts in Madison, Wisconsin

Holiday Savings

Holiday Savings accounts are designed for your holiday spending needs. Automatically save a little each paycheck and use cash for your holiday expenses instead of credit. Dividends are paid monthly and funds are automatically transferred to your regular savings on the first business day of each November. Early withdrawal fee applies.

*Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly. The maturity date of this holiday club account is November 1; its term varies depending on when the account is opened.

Christmas in July

It's not too late to start! Set up automatic deposits in July and your holiday spending money adds up quickly:

Save $25 $50 $75
Weekly Payroll $450 $900 $1350
Bi-Weekly Payroll $225 $450 $675

*Approximate savings after 18 weeks of automatic deposits. Accrued dividends not included.

It just takes a few minutes to get started. Learn more about our Madison credit union savings accounts or stop in a DCCU branch or call 608 256-5665 today.


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