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Savings Accounts for Kids & Teens

Dane County Credit Union offers savings accounts for kids and teens that help teach financial responsibility at a young age. It’s never too early to start saving money for your child, and we have the accounts you need to help them thrive! Whether it is our Great Dane account which offers fun and exciting incentives to younger kids who save; or our Claim Your Youth program for older teens, Dane County Credit Union has you and your child covered!

Teens Need Financial Survival Skills

kids savings accounts in Madison Wisconsin

The teenage years can be tough ones - for teens as well as for parents. Your teen has a lot to figure out - like who they are, what they want to be, and how to get there. If you’ve experienced the challenges of teaching your child how to build a strong financial foundation, we have solutions. This booklet will give you a solid action plan to guide them on the right track: Smart Sense Students booklet

Great Dane

Help establish a healthy financial future for children age 12 and under with our special kids savings account at our Madison credit union. The Great Dane Savers is fun and educational!

  • Receive a Great Dane welcome kit with savings tools and goodies.
  • Build savings for your child with automatic transfers. Consistent deposits add up as your child grows.
  • Kids keep track of in-person deposits with special game cards and get prizes when they reach deposit milestones.
  • Special events including an Easter egg hunt, Santa visit, and outdoor movie nights are held throughout the year especially for our Great Dane savers.
  • Kids also receive free newsletters full of Great Dane Savers news, education and games.

If you liked this video, check out The Disclosures' CD with 10 original and fun financial literacy songs for kids.

Claim Your Youth

Money management just for teens with Claim Your Youth! Click the Claim Your Youth logo for financial information by teens for teens!

DCCU is committed to helping teen members get a smart financial head start. Members between the ages of 13 and 17 are automatically enrolled in the Claim Your Youth Club and can take advantage of the special teen accounts below.

Claim Your Youth website, just for teens!

Claim Your Youth Account Options

  • Classic checking account* - A great way to manage your money.
  • Debit card* - Debits checking account directly for purchases and cash withdrawals.
  • Visa Prepaid Cards - Great for managing money.
  • Deposit Plus Certificate - Start a certificate with only $250 and make deposits whenever you want. Learn more about teens and saving.
  • Auto loan* - A great way to build a credit history. Learn more about DCCU's auto loans.
  • eServices - Convenient electronic account management tools - FREE! Learn more about budget basics. Learn more about DCCU's eServices.

*Parent or guardian joint account ownership is required for checking, debit card and auto loans.

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