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Personal Checking Accounts

One of the most central parts of your financial life is a checking account. Somewhere to keep your money, keep track of it and of course, be able to spend from it. Good thing at Dane County Credit Union, we don’t just offer one option, we have a variety of personal checking accounts. Are you a frequent debit card user? Do you like reward points? Do you write a lot of checks? DCCU has several options to fit your lifestyle. “Check” them out then click the Open An Account button to get started.

Choose the personal checking account that fits you best.

Classic or eBonus* checking accounts both offer:

  • No monthly service fee
  • No minimum balance
  • Debit card
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Overdraft protection

Get a few more perks with eBonus* Checking:

* eBonus checking requirements include eStatements, eBanking, direct deposit, UChoose Rewards debit card.

Personal checking accounts for teens:

Yes, we have personal checking accounts available for teens! It's perfect for those young adults who have a job and need to start managing their money. Choose which checking account fits you best - Classic or eBonus, debit card included! A parent or guardian will need to be a joint owner on the account. Learn more about about our credit union savings accounts for kids.

Relationship Builder Accounts:

Worried about bad credit? If it's time to start over, Dane County Credit Union is the perfect place to begin... because everyone deserves a second chance.

We want to save you valuable time and money so the following personal checking account products and services are included at no charge!

  • eBanking
  • eStatements
  • eBills
  • Mobile Banking
  • Visa debit card
  • Coin Counting (only at Rimrock Road)

Relationship Builder Accounts

Please be aware of the following account guidelines and limitations:

  • Visa debit card only issued with checking account
  • Personal checks are not issued
  • We reserve the right to return all items that overdraw your account
  • You will not have access to the credit union shared branching system
  • Accounts with savings and checking will only be charged $9.95 a month
  • No offline debit card limits
  • Debit Card limits: PIN $200, Signature $500
  • Appropriate holds may be placed on personal checks that you deposit or cash
  • Initial deposit of $5 in savings and $20 into checking; no minimum checking balance requirement after that $5 member ownership deposit will be forfeited if account is closed within 90 days If your account is mishandled, it will be subject to immediate closure at the credit union’s discretion

Relationship Builder Savings Specifics

  • The monthly fee for a Relationship Builder savings account is $5.95 per month and is charged to your account on the last day of the month.
  • Our check cashing fee is 2% of the face value of the check, with a $5 minimum. You can avoid the fee by having a savings balance of at least $200 prior to the check cashing transaction. There is no check cashing fee if you have an active checking account.

Relationship Builder Checking Specifics

  • The monthly fee for a Relationship Builder checking account is $9.95 per month and is charged to your account on the last day of the month.
  • Want to learn more about managing a checking account? CheckRight is an online education module - free for DCCU members!

*The credit union reserves the right to refuse to accept any two-party check and the right to return all items that overdraw your account. If account is closed either by DCCU or account holder, $5 membership deposit will be forfeited. Accounts subject to DCCU's Service Pricing schedule.

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