debit card checking account in Madison, Wisconsin

Debit Cards

Debit cards are the most convenient way to access your DCCU checking account. Any qualified member who has a checking account with DCCU may take advantage of our debit cards.

Debit or credit?

Even though you are using your debit card, choose CREDIT. Your purchase will still be deducted from your checking account; however, you will need to sign for the transaction. This could potentially protect you from fraud.

Debit Card Lost/Stolen:

800 472-3272

Debit Card Activation:

866 333-9337

Traveling with Debit Cards.

EMV Chip Cards

Starting in 2016 DCCU will be issuing new debit cards (for those that are expiring) with an even more secure EMV chip card. The chip on the card generates a one-time use code for each transaction you make and doesn’t require your personal information to be stored or captured by the merchant. This helps lessen the chances of your information being compromised in the event of a merchant data breach or by skimming thieves.

Read more about EMV Chip Cards.

Regular debit card

Use your DCCU debit card to pay for purchases from your checking account. You can use your debit card at stores, restaurants, to do transactions at ATMs, and to order merchandise by phone or mail.

UChoose Rewards debit card

Any qualified member who has eBonus checking account with DCCU may take advantage of our UChoose Rewards debit card.

UChoose Rewards is a unique program that rewards you for using your Dane County Credit Union rewards debit card. Earn one point for every two US dollars ($2) spent on eligible debit card signature purchases. We keep track of all the points you've earned and provide a monthly e-statement notification. Points can be redeemed anytime and are good for three years from the time they are earned. Please note that it takes 30-60 days after you receive your UChoose Rewards debit card to have access to your online account. Please wait until you receive your Welcome Packet to sign up. You will earn points on all signature transactions after initial activation of your card. If you are planning a substantial purchase please contact DCCU for a temporary limit increase.

Enroll to view your points balance or redeem points.

Card Valet App

The Card Valet App from our partner, Fiserv, lets you use your mobile device to help you stay in control of your finances, keep your account safe, and prevent fraud. Transactions are secure as your account information is not stored on your mobile device. Find Card Valet in your app store and after you’ve downloaded it, register your DCCU debit cards for extra safety and control. PLEASE NOTE: When registering your debit card you will need to enter the last 4 digits of the PRIMARY (name listed first on your DCCU account) member's Social Security Number.

CardValet enables cardholders to:

  • Monitor and control card transactions
  • Parents: Manage and review card usage for your dependents
  • Business Owners: Enforce company spending policy compliance on business cards

Use Apple Pay with your DCCU Debit Cards

As a valued debit card holder of Dane County Credit Union, we are excited to announce that you can now use Apple Pay! With a single tap it’s possible to make secure, mobile payments at over 220,000 locations.

Apple Pay is a mobile payments technology that allows you to make a purchase with a new iPhone (6 or later), Apple Watch or new iPad using your debit card. And you’re able to authenticate purchases with a thumbprint.

It’s easy to use Apple Pay. First, make sure you have the latest version of iOS. No other apps are needed. Then, add your credit card to Wallet by taking its picture and following directions on your iPhone. Once your credit card is verified, you’re ready to shop. Visit http://apple.com/apple-pay for more information!

DCCU credit cards also work with Apple Pay.

Verified by Visa

Protect your account by activating Verified by Visa. After activating your card, participating online vendors will ask you for an additional password. This will ensure that you are the only one able to shop online with your Visa card.

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