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Express yourself with unique debit card designs for your checking account in Madison, Wisconsin

Debit Card Designs

Express Yourself!

Introducing eight exciting designs (#7-14 below) that allow DCCU members to express themselves and make a statement about what's important to them. The themes for these new designs were inspired by our staff-led Niche Outreach Committees. The ongoing work of the committees supports the Latino, African American and LGBTQ communities. Members of the committees shared ideas, gave input, and relayed their perspectives resulting in these designs that represent each group in a unique and vibrant way.

Scroll down to view all available designs.

Choose your favorite design and receive a new card for a $5 replacement fee. We hope you'll be proud to carry and use your new debit card whenever you make a purchase or pay for service.

Card will have a brand new number, expiration date and CVV security code, so please update any reoccurring or automatic payments associated with your debit card.

Order your new card today!

  1. Call DCCU at 608 256-5665 or 800 593-3228 to request a new card and specify which design you want.
  2. Make an appointment to pick up your new card in the first drive-up lane at your branch.
  3. Bring your ID to your pick-up appointment.
  4. Call to activate your new card.
  5. Update all associated reoccurring and automatic payments with the new number on your new debit card.
  6. Choose your new card first when making a purchase or paying for service and express yourself!


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