Saving For A Vacation Can Save Your Sanity!

Savings account in Madison
Chase away winter blues with vacation plans.

Winter blues are no fun. Do you dream about all the places you’d like to travel in the next year? Let’s turn those dreams into reality! Open a vacation savings account in Madison. After all, there aren’t many other things that help get us through the year’s coldest months here in Wisconsin quite like knowing you’re eventually headed to a warmer, sunnier place. Can’t you just feel the hot sand on your bare feet? Ahhhh….

Now is the perfect time to kickstart your vacation plans. Here are four tips that’ll help you turn your sun-soaked thoughts into a surprisingly affordable dream trip.

Make a realistic spending plan

Setting up a budget for a vacation is the absolute first thing you should do. A budget tells you which trips will be affordable, and which won’t be; you’ll know what mode of transportation will work best, what kind of lodging you can afford, how much you can spend on food and drinks, and how many attractions you can see. A spending plan also lets you figure out how long you need to save up to travel, and how much you need to set aside each week or month.

Beware: a spending plan is, of course, an estimate. Always aim high with your estimates.

Set up a vacation savings account in Madison

Don’t use a checking or regular savings account to fund your vacation, because it’ll be too tough to keep track of your savings. By creating a separate and dedicated savings account you won’t be taking any money out unless, of course, to spend on your vacation.

If your employer offers direct deposit, set it up so that a portion of your paycheck will go directly to your vacation savings account. If not, set up an automatic deposit at DCCU and make sure you’re setting aside enough each week or month to keep up with your savings plan. 

Get a vacation-friendly credit card

 Use it to purchase groceries, gas, movie tickets–anything, really–in order to stockpile rewards points. Then, use those points towards your flight, your lodging–again, anything that’ll help you get to where you want to go for less.

Let the little things add up

Save spare change and small bills in a designated vacation jar; start brewing your own coffee from home; take part in a neighborhood garage sale in the spring; set aside a part of your tax refund for your trip. There are a lot of little ways to save money–make them work for you and your vacation.

Next thing you know, you’ll be packing your bags and hitting the road! Bon voyage!


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