Use Apple Pay with your DCCU Debit Card in Madison

Apple Pay Debit Cards in Madison
Use DCCU debit cards in Madison for Apple Pay.

If being able to pay for things by placing a thumb to your phone isn’t a sign that the high-tech future we dreamed about as kids has arrived, well, then I don’t know what is.

That’s right:  your Dane County Credit Union credit card and debit card in Madison now work with Apple Pay, which allows you to make secure, private mobile payments with your Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPad or Apple Watch.

So, say you find yourself at a store without your wallet or credit card. Now–as long as you have Apple Pay–you’ll no longer have to go home to get those things to make your purchase.

What you’ll need to use Apple Pay

  • An Apple iPhone 6, iPad or Watch
  • The most recent iOS
  • A DCCU credit or debit card

How to set up Apple Pay

  • On your iPhone: Add your DCCU credit or debit card to Apple Wallet (an app in the latest iOS) by taking its picture and filling in additional card information.
  • On your iPad: Open up your settings, then select “Wallet & Apple Pay.” Then, follow the same directions as if you were adding a card on your phone.
  • On your Apple Watch: Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then select “Wallet & Apple Pay.” Then, follow the same directions as if you were adding a card on your phone.
  • If you already have a credit or debit card linked to your Apple ID for iTunes purchases, you can use that card for Apple Pay by simply verifying its security code.

How to make a credit or debit card purchase with Apple Pay

Once your credit card has been verified, making payments with Apple Pay is really, really easy.

  • To checkout at a store with your iPhone
    • Hold your iPhone near the pay terminal. Your phone will wake up when it gets in range of the terminal; all you have to do is press the Touch ID button to complete your purchase. If you iPhone is locked, you can double click your phone’s home button to access Wallet and make your purchase from there.
  • To checkout in a store with Apple Watch
    • Double click the watch’s side button and hold its display up to the pay terminal. The watch will beep and/or vibrate  to confirm that your purchase went through.
  • To make online purchases with Apple Pay
    • Simply tap the Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad.

Is Apple Pay safe?

Using a mobile device to make transactions in a store may sound risky to some. But, in reality, Apple Pay offers identity protection that normal card transactions don’t, as the service operates similarly to the way in which EMV cards work

First, using Apple Pay to complete transactions means you avoid using your card’s magnetic stripe, which is where all your account data is held. Magnetic stripes can be easily copied and recreated by cheap card readers, which are called “skimmers.”

Instead, when you complete a purchase with Apple Pay, the service uses your chip-encrypted Device Account Number and a unique, one-time code for each transaction. This means the merchant never even gets your credit card information. Furthermore, Apple doesn’t save your transaction information, either; Apple Wallet shows only your most recent purchases for your convenience, but nothing more.

Using Apple Pay also means keeping your wallet and credit cards in your pocket, which keeps your identity hidden from everyone–including the cashier. And, remember: Only you can unlock your device with your fingerprint ID, which means only you can use it to make purchases.

If your Apple device is ever lost or stolen, you can use iCloud’s “Find My iPhone” service, which allows you to put your devices in “Lost Mode.” Once in “Lost Mode,” you can either suspend Apple Pay until you find your device, or wipe it from your device completely. And even if your device isn’t lost or stolen, you can stop it’s ability to use Apple Pay by logging into iCloud and going into your settings.

How to find out where you can use your device

The number of merchants that accept Apple Pay are growing everyday. If you’re already out on the town, you can use Apple Maps to see if a nearby store accepts Apple Pay, or check the merchant’s checkout counter. This handy link also lists all of the merchants who currently accept Apple Pay to complete transactions.

While completing transactions with a mobile device may feel unsafe, Apple Pay is actually a fantastic new service that offers both convenience and protection from identity theft. Like EMV cards; it allows you to make purchases without giving away any of your personal account information. If you have any further questions about how to set up or use Apple Pay, Dane County Credit Union is always here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Member Service Center or stop in your nearest branch!


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