Upgrade For A Smart Home!

Upgrade for a Smart Home!
Upgrade for a Smart Home!

We’ve seen Smart phones, Smart cars, and more. Now, we are entering in to the next exciting era of “Smart” technology. The emergence of the Smart Home! This new technology makes your home and its features safer, faster, more efficient and even more fun!


Security systems (including Simplisafe, and Nest Camera) take security to a new level with easier arming features and vigilant cameras, all monitored from your phone.


Wi-Fi doorbells (including Ring and Skybell HD) allow you to see who’s knocking at your door via a camera linked directly to your phone.


Zone based thermostats (including Nest and Honeywell Wifi) include incredible customizations and control from anywhere, in order to save you tons of money.


Thanks to voice activated technology such as Alexa and Google Home, you can control features in any room, simply by saying what you want to happen!

It is the perfect time to begin thinking about not only energy efficient upgrades and renovation for your home, but smart upgrades as well!


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