Teen Financial Literacy – The Missing Piece

hashtag my money teen blog by dane county credit unionTeenagers. It’s an “interesting” stage of life for them AND for their families. Many teenagers test their independence by getting a drivers license, buying a car, and getting their first job. They will soon realize that along with those responsibilities comes the need for smart money management. Teen financial literacy is the key.

Introducing #MyMoney Teen Blog!

At your favorite Madison area credit union, we stand for giving young people a solid foundation for managing money. #MyMoney Teen Blog is where this unique age group can learn everything from financial basics all the way through how much to save for retirement.

Back in my day….

It wasn’t all that long ago when I was in middle and high school and there was almost no financial education. One class barely touched on how to write a check… and that was it. No one talked about the topic of teen financial literacy.

I never knew the importance of building good credit, or how to use a credit card wisely, which made a difference down the road. There was no guidance on even the most basic of financial topics – like what is a debit card?

The #MyMoney Teen Blog to helps solve this problem. We’re just getting started but we’ve already covered:

  • The difference between credit and debit
  • Keeping track of your money on DCCU’s App

Future topics

Parents: have your teens follow DCCU’s Instagram or check back regularly for updates and new content. The valuable info will help them be smarter, savvier individuals when it comes to handling their finances. Our aim is to set all area teens up for success!

Mobile phone using DCCU's App

A prosperous community

DCCU’s teen financial literacy doesn’t stop there. We work with area schools and sponsor in-class financial education for students. The DCCU staff members also present workshops and participate in expos aimed at helping young adults with everything money related. DCCU supports the community, and everyone’s success!

From budgeting, to how to get a car loan, and managing your first credit card, you can expect to see it all on the new #MyMoney teen blog from Dane County Credit Union!


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