Important Info About The Infamous URGENT NOTICE!

Beware of urgent notice type mail solicitations

Have you ever received the infamous “Urgent Notice” letter in your mailbox? No doubt you have. Read it and you’ll likely be confused as to what exactly is going on and who sent the postcard or letter.

Though most of us rely on email to keep in touch these days, mail solicitation is still a regular thing in Dane County, and these sketchy tactics still take people by surprise, and sometimes finding themselves in situations they don’t want to be in.

These letters may ask for your personal and/or financial information related to suspicious investment opportunities, tax collections, moving discounts, charitable contributions, health insurance charges, lowered mortgage or student loan rates, or scholarship opportunities–they may even pose as a credit card company. It could be anything, but it will always involve money; and, it will almost always require a response RIGHT AWAY, in an attempt to trick you into handing over your information.

Post card example of suspicious mail solicitation


The letters may look very official, as though they were tied to the government or a legitimate financial institution, but I can assure you that they’re not. Often, these solicitations are not related to any kind of data breach, but are created using information legally obtained from public records.

Example of mail solicitation offering to buy house for cash

I can understand that, for some, a lower loan rate or a promise of seemingly-free money can be just what’s needed to get out of a tight spot. However, as is often said: If it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is.

If you receive an URGENT or suspicious solicitation letter in the mail, look up the business sending the letter in the Better Business Bureau listings, or even just do a quick google search to see if there are complaints about the company popping up. Odds are you’ll want to throw that letter away.

Example of Urgent Notice postcard mailings

For those of you who don’t want to be receiving these letters at all (which, honestly, should be everybody), there are ways to opt-out from getting them–at least for a while:

  • Start here to stop receiving offers from credit card and insurance companies 
  • Start here to stop receiving unsolicited direct marketing in the mail 

If you ever receive a suspicious solicitation and would like a second opinion on whether to act or not, call the Madison credit union that stands for YOU – Dane County Credit Union.


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