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Wisconsin Credit Unions Celebrate!

Wisconsin credit unions celebrate
Wisconsin credit union celebration

Wisconsin credit unions celebrate members and financial cooperatives!

It feels like there’s a different holiday to celebrate every single day. In October alone, we’ve already seen National Homemade Cookies Day, National Walk to School Day, as well as Bald and Free Day, come and go. So, while International Credit Union Day may appear to be just like every other special little holiday out there, it really isn’t. Continue reading Wisconsin Credit Unions Celebrate!


Pay Off Your Credit Union Auto Loan Faster – 5 Easy Ideas

fast credit union auto loan payoffPaying off loans (such as a credit card, mortgage, or auto loan) is such a great feeling of accomplishment. Scheduling that regular payment over months (if not years), seeing that balance grow smaller and smaller over time. Then, getting to that oh-so-happy day when the balance is paid in full. Eureka!

What if you could pay off your credit union auto loan faster? Continue reading Pay Off Your Credit Union Auto Loan Faster – 5 Easy Ideas


Mistakes Happen – Is Your Checking Account Covered?

Are you covered for financial mistakes?
Checking account mistakes happen, get covered.

Summer is over; fall is here. Life moves fast, especially when you’re busy.

And when you’re busy, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks — little things especially, like forgetting to deposit a check or transfer money into the checking account at your Madison area credit union. We all make mistakes, obviously, but the problem is that sometimes these simple errors can lead to an unexpected shortage of funds. Continue reading Mistakes Happen – Is Your Checking Account Covered?


The ABCs of IRAs: Roth vs Traditional

Get a credit union IRA
Have a great retirement when you’re prepared.

Retirement savings. Probably not many people’s favorite  subject and yet pretty important to your future. After all, you do want to retire some day, right? As you’ll learn, it’s fairly easy to open a Dane County Credit Union IRA and start saving for retirement. Continue reading The ABCs of IRAs: Roth vs Traditional


Charitable Giving – Make an Impact!

DCCU Branch Manager, Jessie C. presenting a donation check to Operation Share & Care.

As an animal lover, those ASPCA commercials get me every time. Kittens in an overcrowded cage followed by an older dog that clearly hasn’t been fed in a while and Sarah McLachlan softly singing in the background, driving the fundraising plea home. Continue reading Charitable Giving – Make an Impact!


Purchase! – Eric’s Auto Buying Adventure Pt 6

Eric finalizes the purchase of a new car.
Eric buys a car!

And then there were two…Just two vehicles that I am deciding between, one of which will become “The Chosen One.” After my Beltline accident that got me into this situation, I have had weeks of planning, researching, getting my auto loan pre-approval, test driving and negotiating, I’m finally ready to pull the trigger. Continue reading Purchase! – Eric’s Auto Buying Adventure Pt 6


Financial Fraud Prevention: Don’t Get Scammed by a Skimmer

Financial Fraud tips from Dane County Credit Union
Beware of Skimming Scams

How often do you go to the ATM to withdraw cash? If you’re like me, and don’t like to carry much paper money on your person, probably a handful of times a month. While withdrawing from an ATM is generally a mindless activity, this summer saw a rise in skimming devices found on ATMs in the Madison area. In fact, just this past May, a skimming device was removed from an Associated Bank ATM on Monroe Street. Continue reading Financial Fraud Prevention: Don’t Get Scammed by a Skimmer