How To Best Utilize Online Banking In Madison To Save Paper (And Trees!)

Use online banking in Madison.
Online banking in Madison helps you save paper.

As someone who loves to organize and create calm out of chaos, I appreciate saving paper more than most folks. I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life, so bring on the digital tools, like online banking in Madison. Here’s how you can best utilize DCCU’s digital offerings to save maximum paper.

Years ago, I would set time aside to organize and file monthly paper statements, paid bills, ATM receipts, etc. You name it, it was tabbed and filed away. First month by month, then year by year. All just collecting dust. The first few times I moved, all that paper was moved from one spot to another and taking up a bit more space each time. With the growth of online banking, I saw the opportunity to curb my paper collection and save myself some time from organizing and filing.

Encouraged by Dane County courts’ milestone of going paperless in 2016, DCCU has added another paperless option for members.

Try something new!

DCCU is always looking for ways to make life easier for me AND for the planet so they now offer eReceipts! Instead of paper receipts, members have the option of receiving electronic receipts for branch and phone transactions. Easily archived and yes, no paper required.

Members can also have their loan documents sent to them electronically using the secure DocuSign program. This system allows you to digitally sign documents and then all your paperwork and disclosures will be returned to you electronically for your records. Opening an account or new loan is a breeze with electronic disclosure and paperwork delivery – all with no paper!

Old paper-saving favorites never go out of style

eStatements is by far my biggest paper saver. By archiving my statements for the last 18 months, all the organizing is done for me. Protected by the latest security measures, I can access eStatements any time and print a paper copy those few times I need it.

With eBills, I can make bill payments any time, anywhere with DCCU’s online banking. Rather than taking an hour every month to write out checks and file the monthly invoices, I can take a few minutes to schedule payments online. All paper-free.

Using Alerts is my favorite paperless way of avoiding financial surprises. I can receive email or text alerts on almost any scenerio I may need. If my checking account is below is a certain balance, if my payments have cleared or if I have a payment due in five days. Instead of post-it notes plastered on my computer monitor, I go paper-free with Alerts.

And of course, online banking in Madison!

eBanking and Mobile Banking are great ways I can save time and paper by staying connected to DCCU online. Rather than taking the time to stop at a branch to deposit a check or transfer funds between accounts, I can do everything online in seconds and paper-free. I can review my transaction history, schedule transfers, or verify any kind of deposit, all online. I can even deposit a check by taking a picture of it with my smartphone!

After you set up all these digital financial tools, examine the rest of your daily routine. Where else can you save paper? Can you get more of your bill statements sent via email? Once you start looking, you will be amazed how quickly it becomes a healthy habit.


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