6 Reasons Not To Miss This Madison Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hung Madison
Easter Egg Hunt fun in Madison.

You can feel it: That little tingle of hope that means winter will soon close up shop and spring is around the corner. Jimmy the groundhog said it, so it must be true, right? With the hope of spring (and warmer weather!) brings us to one of the most beloved events at Dane County Credit Union – the Easter Egg Hunt! This event was started LONG ago for members of our children’s savings accounts, Great Dane Savers, and now this fun event is open to everyone in our community!

Top 6 reasons to attend DCCU’s Easter Egg Hunt:

  1. The hunt: What kid doesn’t like a good Easter Egg Hunt? Rain, snow or shine, this event happens every year – once due to very heavy snowfall, we even held it out of the back of an SUV! Each year, our dedicated members arrive in droves. The hunt is spirited, fast paced, and fun! We cover a wide range of ground with plenty of eggs to go around for everyone. The little ones always get to go first to ensure everyone has a great time! Our eggs also contain special surprises inside and kids keep what they find!
  2. Snacks: You can’t search for eggs on an empty stomach, right? We always provide a tasty treat and beverage for all children, to ensure they are unstoppable egg-seeking machines. It’s an added bonus!
  3. The Great Dane: Oh you bet, he’ll be there! Our favorite furry friend and mascot for the Great Dane Savers accounts, will be on the scene with high fives, hugs, pictures and good cheer. He’s big, he’s blue, he’s kind of hard to miss, so be sure you to go up and say hi!
  4. Awesome staff: Do you have a question about your favorite Madison area credit union? Or about our awesome savings accounts for kids? Need assistance with your account, or want to know more about a time saving service? DCCU staff will definitely be there, so be sure to take advantage of their wisdom and willingness to help!
  5. Stuffies: The eggs and their magical contents aren’t the only things your child will walk away with that afternoon. Every kid will receive a free plush stuffed animal to take home! Cute enough to make you go “awwwwww.” Another way that DCCU thanks you for joining in the fun!
  6. Neighborhood comradery: The Easter Egg is traditionally one of our more heavily attended events. What a great opportunity for you to meet some new people! Not to mention, with so many kids on hand, your child will be able to meet others their age too. Can we say play date? Enter as strangers, but everyone leaves as friends at Dane County Credit Union!

Sign me up!

So there you go! Can you think of a better way to spend your Saturday afternoon on March 19th? This community event is free but we request an RSVP for planning purposes. Please give us your name, phone number and the number of children you will bring. We hope to see you at our Struck Street branch a little before 1pm when we start the hunt!


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