Life Simplified with Credit Union Mobile Deposit

Credit union mobile deposit
Simplify life with credit union mobile deposit.

Running errands after work or on Saturday mornings used to be the bane of my existence. Between the grocery store, the dry cleaners, the credit union, and the veterinary’s office, there was never enough time. Schedules were juggled to make the rounds but inevitably my stops ran long so I still ran out of time. It was as if the workweek hadn’t ended and I was still running from meeting to meeting. Doesn’t sound very productive, does it? That’s when I learned about credit union mobile deposit. #Great Day.

I’d been using DCCU’s online banking for a while and was familiar with reviewing my account balances, sending payments, and scheduling transfers. With my smart phone and the Dane County Credit Union mobile app, I now had eBanking on-the-go. Same access to account balances, payments and transfers, plus I could deposit a check by taking pictures of it with my phone! No more runs to the branch during lunch breaks. Instead, actual lunches. Crazy, I know!

Get the Online Banking App

DCCU’s mobile app is available for both Apple and Android operating systems (including Kindle!), making the process itself extremely easy. Before accessing your DCCU accounts using the app, members first enroll in eBanking. If your eBanking Logon ID is your DCCU member number or SSN, you’ll need to create a new Logon ID. Once enrolled, members then search “Dane County Credit Union” in your App store. Sign on to Mobile Banking from the navigation menu and easily access your accounts with the most up-to-date, high-security features.

Sign up for credit union Mobile Deposit

You can register for Mobile Deposit within the credit union app, and you’ll be able to deposit checks directly into your account after receiving a confirmation email. Endorse the check along with “For Mobile Deposit Only” then using your smart phone take two clear photos and click Submit. That’s it! Funds become available 1-3 business days after approval.

Mobile Deposit helpful tips

  • Detach check stubs
  • Write “Mobile Deposit” below your endorsement along with the deposit date so you don’t accidentally deposit a second time.
  • Image your check on a solid, flat background in a well-lit area
  • Verify your image is clear and right-side up before submitting
  • Do not write “Void” on the front of the check after you scan
  • Retaining the original check for 60 days, verifying the check deposited successfully before shredding it.
  • Post-dated or third-party checks are not accepted

Once again, with credit union Mobile Deposit, DCCU has exactly what you need to simplify your life and make the most of your time.



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