How “Wisconsin” is your Dad?

Madison credit union celebrates area dads
Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there! We asked our staff to tell us what is so “Wisconsin” about their dads or what’s the best financial advice they got from their Dad.

My dad is so “Wisconsin” he….schedules his life around Packers & Brewers games during season. And the best financial advice I ever got from my dad is….Don’t spend what you don’t have. – Jessie

My dad is so “Wisconsin” he…. Goes out to get the mail barefoot in the winter. – Casie

My dad is so “Wisconsin” he owned and operated a vegetable farm that provided fresh vegetables to Madison area grocery stores for years! – Carla

The best financial advice I have received from my dad is “ask your mother” – Amanda

My Dad taught me what a credit union is and how they are a better choice for me to do business with. I’ve been a member of a credit union my entire life! – Bonnie

My dad is so “Wisconsin” he takes two days to get over bad Packer game and will watch televised games he already attended! And the best financial advice I ever got from my dad is…. In business pay yourself first or get out of that business. Always listen to the customer. Match them up with their needs. – Shay

The best financial advice I ever got from my dad is…. Never spend all your money in one place. – Ebony

My dad is so “Wisconsin” he thinks opening day of deer season should be a national holiday! – Chantelle

May dad gave me 3 good financial tips:
1) Three moves is as bad as a fire (talking about the wear and tear on things from moving)
2) Locks only keep honest people out
3) Get a job
And as a dad myself I teach my kids to SAVE money. – Jon


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