How To Stop Paying Overdraft Fees On Your Credit Union Checking Account

Stop paying overdraft fees.
Avoid fees on your credit union checking account.

The only thing worse than the thought of an overdraft fee on your credit union checking account is paying one.

And yet, month after month, they keep popping up–in your brain and in your account. Make it go away!

You know what you’re doing with your finances, but you have a hard time keeping up with little things–like getting to your local branch before they close, or making sure you’ve deposited that check before the end of the month. When you’re always on the go, it can be tough keep track of those tasks.

But one thing that isn’t hard to keep track of is your phone. And with Dane County Credit Union’s mobile banking app, you can deposit your check from wherever you. No more worrying about getting to a credit union by a specific time!

When you’re on the go

To deposit checks on the go, simply download our mobile app and register for a Mobile Deposit account within it. When you’re ready to deposit a check, endorse it, write “For Mobile Deposit Only” on it, put it on a smooth surface and snap two quick-yet-clear photos of it. Your checks will become available funds one to three business days after the deposit. 

Member favorite: Kwik Cash

Another way to avoid overdraft fees is to set up overdraft protection. One of themes popular DCCU options is a line of credit, called Kiwk Cash. It’s an open-end personal line of credit that’s tied to your credit union checking account.

The service acts as a money lifeline: it’s always accessible to you when you’re in danger of overdrafting your account. Our computer system automatically transfers money from Kwik Cash to your checking account when the balance falls below $0. Members can also transfer money themselves manually through Mobile Money or eBanking.

Kiwi Cash is a line of credit so you can either make payments on the outstanding balance or pay it all off when you get a deposit. It’s much less expensive than paying an overdraft fee.

Get your credit union checking account set up for success

With mobile deposit and overdraft protection services like Kwik Cash, it isn’t timely–or costly–to avoid paying overdraft fees. And, best of all, you don’t even need to stop in at a branch to set either of these services up; they’re right at your fingertips, whenever you need them to be. 

Mobile Deposit is available through DCCU’s App.

Kwik Cash is available through DCCU’s online loan application. Shortly after you complete and submit the application, a member of the DCCU staff will call you.


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