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DCCU partners with GreenPath for financial education.
Free online financial education at DCCU.

For many years now DCCU members have enjoyed free access to credit counseling and financial education in Madison through GreenPath, a non-profit organization focused on helping members attain all their financial goals.

Great FREE financial education in Madison

GreenPath is DCCU members’ favorite source of financial education materials including free eCourses, short video clips, Wednesday webinars, and financial games. Games!

Three of my favorite features at GreenPath are the Learning Lab, the Financial Education Library and GreenPath University.

Learning Lab

Find online courses directly on DCCU’s website. This brand new offering already has 3 informative courses and more will be added over time.

Financial Education Library

GreenPath’s archives offer an ever-growing collection of informative, well-researched articles on topics such as financial aid, legal issues and introducing kids to money.

Student Financial Aid

Financing college is a pretty big deal but nothing prospective graduates can’t handle with a little research. Read up on:

  • College 529 Savings plan for younger family members
  • Applying for student aid
  • Grants and scholarships
  • Student loans and loan repayment programs

Legal Issues

While you may be familiar with your legal rights, how often do you stop and consider them relative to your personal finances?

  • Auto repossession
  • Estate planning
  • Wage garnishment
  • Debt collectors

Kids and Money

Learn how to engage your kids and help them learn about earning money, saving, and smart spending.  

  • Allowances
  • Budgeting for children
  • Facing financial crises as a family
  • Your teen’s first job, and first paycheck

GreenPath University

Make your way over to GreenPath University and you’ll find articles on:

  • Credit:  Rebuilding credit, using credit wisely, missed payments, and credit scoring.
  • Loans:  How payday loan operate, leasing vs buying a car, options for eliminating debt, and debt consolidation vs debt settlement.
  • Budgeting:  Avoiding common budgeting mistakes, better budgeting, and making money management a family activity.
  • Bankruptcy:  Understanding the process, the consequences of bankruptcy and how to rebuild after, and alternatives to consider.
  • Housing:  Learning about the government’s Home Affordable Refinance Program and the Making Home Affordable Program.
  • Identity Theft:  How it happens, how to protect your identity, and how to recover if it happens to you.

Do yourself a financial favor.

Take a moment and check out all that GreenPath has available, completely free to DCCU members. Whether you’re looking to pay off debt, prepare an estate plan, or teach your kids about finances, GreenPath has been helping people since 1961. See what they can do for you!


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