Even More Convenient than Online Banking? Hello, Mobile Banking!

Mobile Banking from a Madison credit union
Mobile Banking Convenience

In the late 1960s, automated teller machines (commonly referred to as ATMs) revolutionized banking by allowing consumers round-the-clock access to their financial accounts. Thirty years later, banks and credit unions made banking even easier by offering the ability to connect to their financial institutions over the Internet with online banking. And here we are again, in 2015, in the midst of another technological turning point in banking: mobile banking.

Here at Dane County Credit Union, when we say we stand for people helping people, we mean it. And one way for us to serve our members is by making banking as convenient as possible; if DCCU members spend less time on their finances, they’ll have more free hours to relax with friends and family.

Mobile banking, which allows anyone with DCCU’s online banking account access to their finances from their mobile phone, saves members a lot of time.

For example, if you told me five years ago that I could take a picture of a check with my phone, and that check would be deposited at my local financial institution, I would have called you crazy. But our mobile banking app allows you to do just that, as well as check account balances, transfer money between your accounts and make and schedule bill payments all from your phone.

I thought online baking was great but now, I can’t imagine banking any other way. Mobile banking is just too convenient.


To get Dane County Credit Union’s free mobile app, simply search “Dane County Credit Union” in your device’s app store. If you’re hesitant to download or worried that mobile banking isn’t secure, rest assured: Our app uses the same high-security measures as eBanking, such as unique activation codes to verify accounts, 128-bit encryption for transactions and fraud detection.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you should have no problem checking your account balances or seeing where our branches and ATMs are located in the Madison area. But the app’s more involved features, like Mobile Deposit and Popmoney, require a couple of extra steps to set up.

Mobile Deposit is, without a doubt, the most advantageous function of mobile banking. To get started, you have to register for a Mobile Deposit account within the mobile app. While this extra login may seem tedious, it’s really an added security cushion to protect your finances.

After you’ve received a confirmation email from us, your Mobile Deposit account is all set to go. To deposit a check, simply endorse the check, write “For Mobile Deposit Only” on it, and snap two quick-yet-clear photos of it on a smooth surface. It’s as simple as that!

Approved checks become available funds one to three business days after you deposit them, and if your device is set up to receive “push notifications” from the mobile app, you’ll even be notified when your check has been reviewed and accepted.

My other favorite service that DCCU’s mobile app offers is a money-moving feature called Popmoney. With Popmoney, users can send, receive and request money from anyone who belongs to any financial institution, as long as they have an email address or a mobile phone number.

Popmoney eases paying friends for pizza, roommates for rent or carpoolers for gas. It’s simple to send your kids some much-needed money while they’re away at college. It eliminates the hassle of writing checks or even going to an ATM to get cash.

And the best part is that moving money through Popmoney, which you’ll find under the “Payments” section of our mobile app, is as safe and secure as our other mobile features. To begin transferring money from your credit union accounts to the people you’d like to (or need to) send money to, simply sign up today.

While we believe our mobile app does represent the future of banking, you don’t necessarily need it in order to participate in some of our mobile banking features. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still get text messages to your mobile device that allow you to (among other things) check account balances, notify you of deposit and withdrawal amounts and let you know when a loan payment is due. Learn how to do that here.

Just as ATMs and online banking changed the way people manage their money for the better, mobile banking is the next step in providing credit union members with user-friendly financial services whenever and wherever they need them. Go ahead and download the app today, we truly believe that it offers members the ultimate convenience, allowing them to work on their finances on their schedules–not ours. In today’s fast paced world, you don’t have to make an effort to make mobile banking work for you. It simply already does.


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