The Secret To Not Freaking Out Over Unexpected Vet Bills

Get an emergency savings account and be prepared.
An emergency savings account can help avoid a freak out.

I often refer to my cat as my alternative investment plan, and worth every penny. You cannot beat the dividend of unconditional love and never-ending enthusiasm meeting you at the front door after a long day. But sheesh, the financial outlay can be SO MUCH! Here’s why you need an emergency savings account.

Pets (like cars) can have some upfront expenses when you first bring them home. After those initial costs, you can often get by with basic maintenance and support for years. For my pets, I plan on regular purchases of food, vaccinations, and the occasional vet appointment.

As years go by, the expenses change with more wellness visits and perhaps medications as various conditions develop. With luck, nothing too out of hand, but items I can slowly add into my monthly and annual budget planning.

It always happens

But one thing is for certain – you can always expect the unexpected. I’ve had plenty of surprise expenses come up throughout my years as a mom to my furry kids, including the occasional emergency pet clinic stay or surgery. Cha-ching!

Speaking from personal experience, the emergency clinic visit is an emotionally fraught experience. It’s hard to consider the financial costs at a time when you feel like freaking out and just want to make your pet better. Those sudden costs quickly add up and end up on a credit card if you don’t have the funds already on hand.

Not cool.

An emergency savings fund is the perfect solution to avoid a financial freak out. For Fluffy’s or Fido’s care, whether it’s a broken bone, medication, or emergency treatment, a goal of saving up a $1000 cushion is a good place to start.

A DCCU savings builder account is a little different than a regular savings account or certificate. Depending on the options you choose it can have a higher rate, no minimum deposit required to open, and you get one penalty-free withdrawal.

Super cool, how do I get started?

First, set up a savings builder account at DCCU. This special account was designed to help people get prepared for unexpected financial situations, because we know that everyone faces them. And it’s no fun.

If you set up an automatic deposit of $25 on a bi-weekly payroll, in twelve months you have saved $650 without much effort. Double up to deposits of $50 and you’ll have $1,300 after one year. Freak out averted. Back to feeling confident and prepared.

I need a savings builder account!

Now you can see that the savings builder account is what every pet owner needs so they can stop worrying about money and get back to spoiling the fur ball.


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