Drive-up Banking Redefined

DCCU interactive teller machineWe’re redefining your drive-up experience at the Rimrock Road and Struck Street branches – it’s technology with a personal touch! Read on to discover the many reasons for our decision to change from the traditional drive-up to Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs.)

If you have never used an ITM before, imagine an ATM with a friendly and familiar DCCU staff person on screen, assisting with each step of the process whether you’re depositing a check or making a withdrawal.

Let’s take a step back

When ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) were first introduced in the 1960s, it was really the beginning of online, digital banking. With improvements in programming, accessibility and security features, it’s hard to imagine life today without them on nearly every block. Next came online home banking and many members were skeptical. But more than 15 years later, it’s better and safer than ever and new members expect it to be an option.

The next big thing at your favorite Wisconsin credit union!

As part of our ongoing response to member requests for “high tech” and “high touch” we are expanding our Interactive Teller Machine program at our main branch (Rimrock Road) and our westside branch (Struck Street.) We have had them in place at our E. Washington Avenue branch since early 2017 and members continually give us positive feedback.

Will I still see my favorite staff members?

Absolutely! There will be a number of staff at the branches to personally assist members with their more complex financial needs. The friendly face on the ITM screen should also be a familiar face, as our existing staff will still be the ones helping with your transactions.

Dane County Credit Union interactive teller machineWhat are the advantages of an Interactive Teller Machine?

The service is faster and more accurate. By running cash and checks through the automation feature of the ITM, the items will be counted and imaged which allows for not only a faster service, but more accurate (much less human boo-boo factor) and consistent transactions. The ITM can function in the exact same manner as a teller standing there in person, so don’t worry about limited services. On the actual machine itself, you can scan your ID and swipe your debit card.

How else do members benefit?

From an operational standpoint, the introduction of ITMs helps lower overall operating expenses. What does this mean for you, the member? Lower operating costs benefit all DCCU members with even better competitive savings and loan rates, products, and services.

See you soon!

These are changes that your credit union is implementing due to the preferences and behaviors of our members. To learn more about this newest technological addition to the DCCU family, give us a call or stop by any Madison-­area branch for additional information. We are excited to share these improvements with our members, and can’t wait for you to try it out!


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