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DCCU CEO offers reasons for branch updates at East Washington Branch
Jon Lowrey discusses branch changes.

We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with a number of members about the new teller experience at our East Washington branch and have found that many are wondering why we made this change. As we all know, change is sometimes a challenge. And while we strive to make all interactions with our members as effortless as we can, adjusting to new ways takes time and patience. There are many reasons for our decision to change from the traditional teller line to Interactive Teller Machines and we’d like to share them with you.

Reason #1 – More Welcoming

One of my primary beliefs is that your credit union should be an inviting place for you to visit and conduct business. The new branch layout is designed to have staff personally welcome every person who visits our East Washington branch and determine how best we can help.

We will personally be there to help our members with whatever is needed, whether that’s guiding you at the teller machine or inviting you into an office for a more private conversation about loans, IRAs, mortgages or anything else.

You will see familiar friendly faces on the other end of the teller machines. Our staff is working in a centralized location at our Rimrock Road branch.

Reason #2 – Member and Staff Safety

We incorporated many elements in the branch design with your safety and security in mind. You will now have the option to meet with our staff in new, enclosed offices. Sound masking technology has been installed throughout the entire branch to make noise less audible at a distance and to decrease overheard conversations.

The new transaction area that contains the teller machines is divided with a privacy wall. The display screens have a filter making the screen viewable only from a 60-degree angle. The machines contain vaults and all cash is safely locked away which means staff no longer has access to cash in drawers. Potential robbers will consider DCCU an unappealing target, which keeps staff and members safer.

For your protection, you will experience different measures taken by our remote tellers to verify your identity. No longer are you required to complete a transaction slip. Instead, we ask for your ID and record your transaction on video.

Reason #3 – Convenience and Growth

DCCU’s board of directors, along with the management team, uses a strategic plan for your credit union, which outlines future growth. Our goal is to invest resources in areas that offer the largest benefits for members.

The top requests we consistently hear from DCCU members are “high tech” and “high touch.” Centralized transaction service with the teller machines allows us the ability to expand into smaller branches in more locations at a faster pace; thus providing more convenient locations throughout our field of membership.

You will see more DCCU branches popping up in the coming years.

Reason #4 – Efficiency and Accuracy

Teller lines have been around since the beginning of the traditional bank and frankly, they are very inefficient.

There was a time when the majority of our members came into the branch on a regular basis to conduct their banking. This was before direct deposit, before debit cards, before online banking, and before mobile phones. With convenient technology available now, we see less than 30% of members visiting the branch.

Automating branch transactions leads to higher accuracy and also saves hours of staff time in balancing drawers and submitting check deposits on a daily basis.

But don’t worry, we aren’t cutting staff!

We’ve actually created new jobs and are giving staff the opportunity to grow and develop their talents. In the past 5 years, we have increased staff by 24% and anticipate continued growth in the upcoming years.

As a growing credit union, we are always looking for dedicated, engaged employees who serve our members to the highest degree. Future roles for staff will have greater responsibilities and higher knowledge which will come with higher pay.

Reason #5 – Equipment Replacement

The equipment at all our branches, especially the drive-ups are aging and need replacing. As you can imagine, this is an expensive endeavor but a very necessary expense to continue serving our members.

It is prudent for us to keep up on the latest and greatest in the banking world and be forward thinking with our decisions. Teller machines are becoming a popular option for financials across the nation and it won’t be long before they are an industry standard.

Over the next several years, we will be replacing old outdated equipment with the new and more efficient systems.


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Jon L.

At the time of his unexpected passing in 2018, Jon had been part of the credit union industry for over 30 years as a regulator and credit union professional. He joined DCCU in 1996 and served as its President since 2005.