DCCU Cares About The River Food Pantry

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DCCU Cares at The River Food Pantry

Those who volunteer know what a rewarding experience it is. Whether it comes from the thought that you’re actually making a difference in somebody’s life, the comforting fact that it doesn’t go unnoticed, or that genuine warm-fuzzy you get from just doing good in the world, volunteering can go a long way for the heart and soul.

Madison area credit unions are know for great community involvement! Recently I had the good fortune of volunteering for one of the larger local food pantries in Dane County, serving the Madison, WI area. The “DCCU Cares” group made a visit to River Food Pantry to help out during one of their lunch distributions. We joined other generous volunteers from other local organizations and the community. We were excited, eager and ready to get out and make a difference.

Sometimes we all need a hand

Before starting, in our volunteer’s briefing, the food pantry director informed us of just how big of an impact we would be making. During the winter months, and especially closer to the holiday season, the River Food Pantry sees an influx of families and individuals needing help. While most Dane County folks are looking for the perfect gift or expensive decorations, many other are simply looking for help to put food on their tables, even if just for a short while. And at times that assistance makes all the difference in the world to them. Whether homeless, recently laid off, or just fallen on hard times in general with too many mouths to feed, the pantry is there to help.

Working together

With such busy events like these distributions, volunteers are very much needed to keep the flow of people moving, the food ready, and the shelves adequately stocked. When volunteering, sometimes you’re not on the front lines and sometimes it’s not very glamorous work. Many volunteers don’t get the opportunity to actually serve someone a hot meal, and see the appreciative look in their eyes. There are all kinds of jobs that need to be done for an event like this. Me? I was in the back room, handling a bunch of frozen food and making sure it was ready. It was not easy, but I was completely OK with that. Everyone in the building had a job to do. We became one machine, making sure the greater good was satisfied.

DCCU is one Madison area credit union that cares!

In the end, I came away feeling very positive about the experience. We made a big difference in the lives of many, on a very fundamental level. I’m so glad to be working for a caring credit union in Madison, where so many of these opportunities are opened up to me. DCCU is very immersed in the community, as well as giving back in the form of volunteering, donation drives, and education.

How can you help?

The River Food Pantry was very appreciative of our efforts, but unfortunately, hunger affecting those living below the poverty line is a very real problem in Dane County. The volunteering event we participated in is definitely not the only way they need help. If you would like to volunteer at the River Food Pantry, I highly recommend it! You can find more information at http://www.riverfoodpantry.org/

If you’d like to get involved in one of the DCCU Cares events contact us.

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