DCCU CARES about the Dane County Humane Society

Dane County Credit Union CARES about shelter animals.
Dane County Credit Union CARES about the Dane County Humane Society

As a Madison area credit union for nearly 85 years now, Dane County Credit Union is no stranger to helping our local community. We strive to help everyone reach financial stability, and attain peace of mind with everything money-related. We want everyone to go to sleep at night feeling confident their loan is safe, their mortgage is secure, and their financial well-being is being looked after. We stand for THAT!

But we also look out for the other members of the Madison area community who don’t necessarily rely on money: animals! Just like people, animals play an important role in everyday life for many of us. A pet is a companion and member of the family. Yes, our animal friends here in the Dane County area are also very important to us. And that’s why DCCU love to help our animal friends when an opportunity arises.

Dane County Credit Union has formed a great relationship with the wonderful folks at the Dane County Humane Society. Now through May 21, we will be involved in two flagship events designed to help and give back to the animals and this amazing organization. And YOU can help!

For the first, we will send our “DCCU Cares” team over for an afternoon of volunteering at the Humane Society. There, we’ll be getting the grounds and trails in peak condition for the spring and summer months. The animals need clean, groomed and open areas to exercise and be healthy. That’s where we come in! We’ll clear winter debris and foliage, combating invasive weeds that try to overtake the area, and yes, even picking up some old, er…“waste” so to speak, that remains from the winter months. (Well they don’t exactly have toilets like us!)

The second event is a donation drive being held at each of our 6 branches. We’ll be collecting items from staff, family, members and friends on behalf of the Dane County Humane Society. The volunteers and workers there do such an incredible job of caring and providing for the animals, but often it is an overwhelming task. A huge amount of food and supplies are required on a daily basis, and sometimes that demand is just too great. That’s where we all come in. Would you be able to make a donation? Stop in any of our DCCU branches and see what you can bring in to support the amazing animals of Dane County and the shelter itself. Together, we can make a difference for not only our members, but also for their current and future pets!

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