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Do you ever get the feeling you’re never really getting ahead financially? Or each time you make a little progress, an unexpected expense pops up like clockwork? This can be especially frustrating when you made the effort to trim your monthly expenses and follow a budget, yet at the end of the month you feel like you’re right where you started. It’s a good time to look back over the year and take stock of the big financial picture.

Our Trusted Partner

If tackling debt on your own hasn’t made an impact, consider reaching out to GreenPath Financial Wellness, our non-profit partner offering DCCU members money management and financial education services. As a credit counseling organization, GreenPath Financial Wellness offers free financial counseling tailored to each situation. Their goal is to help people pay off their debit and make better financial choices moving forward.

I know. Sharing your financial history, troubles and ongoing struggle with someone else sounds daunting, it’s also the first step towards solvency. It’s the same way a dietician would have you record everything you eat; or a certified advisor will look at your bills, balances and budgets, and together you will develop a new action plan. Maybe it’s a matter of tweaking your existing budget to allow for emergency expenses, or physically meeting with a professional to keep your motivation intact so you won’t slip into old habits as we approach the holidays.

Credit Counseling May Be The Answer

What if it’s more complicated the budget tweaks and motivation? If past due notices are accumulating or late fees are a common occurrence, more serious action may be required. For a nominal fee (very reasonable, in our opinion), GreenPath will contact creditors on your behalf, stop collection calls, lower interest rates and ultimately save you money. As a credit counseling service, GreenPath wants to help you pay off your debts and improve your credit score, all without ruining your credit history by declaring bankruptcy.

Beyond debit management, GreenPath Financial Wellness advisors can assist with housing services, student loan counseling, credit report review, and a variety of financial education tools and resources.

You Can Do This!

Looking ahead to the “fresh start” potential of a new year, partnering with Dane County Credit Union and GreenPath for successful credit counseling can bring you peace of mind while getting you on the path to reaching your financial goals and dreams. You can do it!


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