Creative Ways to Add to Your Income

Madison credit union helps you find ways to make more money.At the end of each month, do you find yourself feeling pretty much where you started? You have a budget but when all the bills are paid from your Madison credit union accounts, there doesn’t seem to be much leftover. Without any costs to reduce or expenses to remove from the budget, it’s hard to find where to go from here. No matter how long you study your financial situation on the Hub!

Increase your income

If you haven’t yet, ask for a raise at work.

Another option is looking at unclaimed property. Think of forgotten apartment security deposits, a previous cell phone account, or uncashed personal or cashier’s checks.

More options

  • Seasonal employment can be a perfect solution for a short-term commitment over the holidays or summer. Many times a temp position will lead to a regular part-time position throughout the year. For a couple years, I was lucky to find a part-time position with a local toy company over the holiday season. Between evening and weekend hours, I made some serious progress on a sizable chunk of debt.

Madison credit union helps you find new income sources.

  • If you volunteer at a local library, consider applying as a tutor at a local school. Hours are often flexible with a premium wage for science and math.
  • Ask your friends and acquaintances to keep you in mind for pet and house sitting. Summers and winter holidays are an important time to make sure Fido is well taken care of. Often it’s starting with one family, which can lead to another and before you know it, you have requests throughout the year.
  • Consider those businesses open during the hours you have available. Maybe it’s a favorite outdoor sporting goods company or health food grocery store. These businesses keep plenty of part-time staff for maximum flexibility and that can be to your benefit.
  • Think of your current monthly bills, such as gym membership. A part-time position often includes free membership and reduced program fees for the family. You may even up working out more often!
  • Online garage sales can also bring in a little extra monthly income. It might be a perfectly good mirror in the basement that you never really liked or used. A couple good pictures online and you may have a buyer before you know it. If you have any talent for “flipping furniture,” perhaps you can make over that 70s buffet side table into something amazing. This kind of “up-cycling” can help bring the right pieces to a new home for everyone’s benefit.

Do what’s best for you

Looking at these suggestions, keep in mind the options available ultimately depend your schedule. It doesn’t need to be a long-term commitment – maybe a holiday season to start with. Just imagine how nice it would feel to have a little something at the end of the month in your Madison credit union account. You will have some progress before you know it!


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