Stay Safe: Chip Card Best Practice Checklist

paying with a debit card - be safe!Financial education is an important goal of DCCU and we like to cover a variety of topics. To help educate our members on chip technology, we put together a “Best Practice” checklist.

What is an EMV chip card?

EMV is a collaboration between Europay, MasterCard and Visa to ensure that MasterCard and Visa debit cards can be safely accepted worldwide. EMV cards have embedded microchips in them, which, when used to pay for goods from your checking account at merchants with chip-enabled terminals, ensures that you have  more secure transaction process.

How does the chip protect my account?

For security benefits and cardholders protection, the mini computerized chip on the card uses a dynamic card verification value (dCVV) that changes with each transaction. This helps prevent hackers from being able to perform another card authorization after you have made a valid transaction.

In-person transactions

When your physical card is used for a transaction:

  • Check to confirm your card has chip technology.
  • Protect your card or card number from unauthorized activity and don’t let your card out of your possession.
  • If your card has a chip on it, don’t swipe the magnetic stripe IF the point-of-sale device is chip enabled.
  • Look for the card insert below the PIN pad on the POS device and insert you chip card into it.
  • Once your card is inserted into the POS, do not remove it until the sales associate or terminal screen says it’s approved.
  • Enter your PIN after you have inserted the card.
  • Remember, do not pull your card out until the transaction is approved.
  • If the merchant’s POS is NOT chip enabled, your only option is to swipe the card’s magnetic stripe.
  • Make your DCCU chip card your payment card of choice to help reduce the risk of fraud.

online shopping with a debit card - be safe!

Online transactions

When your physical card is NOT used for a transaction:

  • Protect your card number when shopping online
  • Don’t use public wireless access for financial transactions.
  • Check for a security symbol such as an unbroken key, a padlock or “https,” on each website address before you order anything because these symbols mean your information will be encrypted and therefore safer.
  • Don’t store your card information on any website.
  • Using a digital wallet service like Apple or Google Pay helps keep your card number safe from theft.

DCCU debit cards

MasterCard SecureCode is enforced for debit card transactions across all DCCU debit card holders. It uses behavioral and geographic analytics to predict and block fraud. All DCCU debit card members have this service enabled automatically.

Monitor your account consistently for any unusual or unauthorized transactions. If you notice anything wrong, contact the institution that issued your card immediately and follow their instructions to report the fraud.


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