DCCU Keeps Moving Forward

DCCU CEO offers reasons for branch updates at East Washington Branch
Jon Lowrey discusses branch changes.

We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with a number of members about the new teller experience at our East Washington branch and have found that many are wondering why we made this change. As we all know, change is sometimes a challenge. And while we strive to make all interactions with our members as effortless as we can, adjusting to new ways takes time and patience. There are many reasons for our decision to change from the traditional teller line to Interactive Teller Machines and we’d like to share them with you. Continue reading DCCU Keeps Moving Forward


Latino Career Ignitor Program A Success!

Dane County Credit Union is part of an amazing local program aimed at igniting Latino careers at credit unions. The 10 week program helps Latinos build job skills and consider career opportunities in the financial industry. DCCU has already hired 2 graduates of the program!

Watch the video to see more about this great community program and hear from Dane County Credit Union’s President, Jon Lowrey.


New Teller Experience at DCCU’s E. Washington Ave. Branch


Transcript of Video

Title: An exciting new experience from Dane County Credit Union.

The technology of tomorrow is here today. Introducing a new and exciting teller experience for you – Interactive Teller Machines.

So…what is that? It’s technology with a personal touch. We’re redefining your teller experience at the East Washington Avenue branch of DCCU. It’s like an ATM that you can interact with. Think of it like video chatting and on the other side of the screen is one of our friendly and familiar DCCU staff people. They’ll help you with deposit, withdrawal or payment transactions.

The new teller experience is faster, simpler and more secure. You’ll enjoy greater privacy, more efficiency and less waiting time because there are no deposit slips to fill out.

Just touch the screen to get started and one of our friendly staff will be there to guide you along the way. Plus our member service staff is still in the branch to assist you.

We’re here to make life easier for YOU!


Top Madison Credit Union Trend: Interactive Teller Machines

DCCU gets ready to launch Interactive Teller Machines
ITMs are coming to DCCU

Every time a new Madison credit union trend comes along, members get nervous. When ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) were first introduced in the 1960s, it was really the beginning of online, digital banking. With improvements in programming, accessibility and security features, it’s hard to imagine life today without them on nearly every block. Next came online home banking and many members were skeptical. But more than 15 years later, it’s better and safer than ever and new members expect it to be an option. Continue reading Top Madison Credit Union Trend: Interactive Teller Machines


Meet The DCCU Staff – it’s Krissy!

DCCU staff member, Krissy
Meet DCCU’s Trainer, Krissy!

Our latest standout in our staff interview series is Dane County Credit Union trainer, Krissy. She does it all for our employees, from training them when they’re new to ensuring they continue serving members as best they can. Though members may not often see her, as she works behind the scenes, you can be sure that she’s a vital part of our team. Continue reading Meet The DCCU Staff – it’s Krissy!


The Paper Shredding Party Continues This Summer!

Shred confidential papers with DCCU
Summer Shred Events

Remember that organizing phase we went through last summer? We had our post-it notes, markers, boxes, and piles of papers. After a little time and lots of elbow grease, we streamlined our files and purged everything we didn’t need. All that paper shredding and it keeps coming back! So, it’s time to revisit our work and perform a little annual upkeep. Continue reading The Paper Shredding Party Continues This Summer!