Best Credit Card and Debit Card Security App: CardValet

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Feel secure with CardValet

Though credit card companies and financial institutions continue to get better at keeping our financial and personal information secure, we’re all still at risk of having our cards and/or identities stolen. CardValet is the security boost you need.

Take control of security

Thankfully, there’s CardValet, a mobile app available from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It gives you complete control of your cards through your smartphone, essentially safeguarding your debit and credit cards by allowing you to turn them ‘on’ and ‘off’ as you wish. When you’ve turned your cards off, no one can have access to them–not even you!

Real-time updates

CardValet sends you these updates in real time:

  • what locations your purchases are coming from
  • if your transactions are exceeding a certain threshold
  • what kind of stores your card is being used at
  • if a transaction from one of your cards has been denied

For extra security CardValet automatically logs you off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

A great tool for parents and kids

CardValet is extremely beneficial for parents who want their kids to start earning credit early. You can add your kids’ cards into your app, which allows you, the parent, to then set limits on how much they can spend, where they can spend, and what they can spend the money on.

And for business owners

Similarly, CardValet is great for businesses who give their employees credit cards. As a boss, you can set limits on what kind of expenditures your employees can use their work cards for, as well as how many expenses they can put on them.

Location based security

Perhaps CardValet’s most useful feature, however, is its ability to connect with your GPS. If you allow the app to know your location, you can create a miles-wide bubble around you; any transactions outside of the circle will automatically be declined. Similarly, international transactions are blocked by default–if you are traveling internationally, you need to let the app know.

Extra security for your DCCU cards

CardValet app iconTo start using CardValet, all you need to do is download the app and then sign up within it. DCCU’s debit and credit cards work with CardValet. When you register, you’ll have to create a different login for each financial institution you have cards through, and if you ever receive a replacement card, you’ll need to make a new login.

Download the CardValet App

CardValet is a safe, great tool for any debit or credit card holder who wants to stay on top of when, where and how their cards are being used. If you’ve been on the hunt for an added layer of protection, CardValet has arrived just for you.


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