Account Alerts at Dane County Credit Union in Madison

Account Alerts
Manage your money better with mobile Alerts

If you’re like me, then you love online and mobile banking; depositing checks, checking balances and transferring money between my accounts has never been easier, or more convenient.

Or has it? I recently set up Dane County Credit Union account alerts, which can be sent to either your email address or phone (through text messaging), and banking has somehow become even simpler.

How do I set up account alerts at my credit union in Madison?

Even the setup was easy. All you have to do is login to your eBanking account, select the “Self Service” tab, click “Alert,” and then choose the account activities for which you’d like to receive alerts, and how you’d like to receive them.

I chose to have alerts sent straight to my phone, and I chose to receive a lot of them. DCCU’s account alerts do span a wide range of financial needs, and, thanks to them, I no longer have to worry about keeping a financial calendar.

What kind of alerts are available?

First and foremost, I use account alerts to keep tabs on my monthly payments. And boy oh boy, do I wish I had this feature when I was in school to keep track of my monthly rent, as well as the handful of years after school, when I had to pay off my student loans. Now, I use the feature to alert me the week before my mortgage and car loans are due, as well as my electric and cable bills. I also receive my savings account balance in a text at the start of each month, which lets me know exactly where me and my money stand.

Some other account notifications you can opt to receive include when your account balance is below or above a certain dollar amount, when you’ve received a direct deposit payment, whether or not a scheduled transfer has gone through, and, of course, other monthly payment reminders. If you do choose to receive account alerts, you’ll get some notifications automatically. These ultra-important alerts let you know if your eBanking email address has changed, if your logon ID has changed and if your security code has changed.

Manage your money easier!

For me, account alerts are synonymous with certainty: When I get an alert, I know my monthly payment is due, has gone through, or hasn’t. And though I haven’t been receiving them long, I’ve already felt myself worrying less about my finances. Like all of Dane County Credit Union’s services, account alerts have made monitoring my money easier.


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