A Madison Credit Union Is Just Like A Bank, Right?!?!

Madison credit unions stand for the people
Credit Unions Rock!

Credit unions and banks: Two financial institutions offering similar services with common goals, right?


While banks and credit unions both take deposits and make loans, they have little else in common. Whereas banks seek to maximize profits, credit unions are not-for-profit, member-owned cooperatives.

Like all credit unions, Dane County Credit Union’s focus lies on people helping people. Our member-owners are set on serving the Madison, Dane County, and surrounding communities; our board is made up of elected volunteers. We work with everyone to find personalized financial solutions no matter their economic status.

We’re also a part of the CO-OP Shared Branch network, which allows our members to visit any of the 5,000 credit unions with a CO-OP Shared Branch logo across the United States, and conduct transactions just as they would at a DCCU branch in the Madison area. Credit unions who are a part of the shared branching network work together to look out for ALL credit union members, even if they’re making deposits and transfers at another credit union!

By now it may come as no surprise, but what really sets credit unions apart is the people who keep them operating, from employees to members. But you don’t have to take my word for it—here are a few DCCU employees on what makes credit unions such unique institutions.

  •      Carla W. – Human Resources Manager

“One thing that is unique about the credit union industry is that credit unions share ideas, concepts, and best practices. Instead of competing with each other, we are more focused on how each of us can best serve our members financial needs.”

“The shared branching network is an example of credit unions looking out for convenience and availability for their members, as well as being available for members of other credit unions across the country.”

  •      Krissy R. – Member Service Supervisor

“Here at Dane County Credit Union, everyone is genuinely happy to be helping our members and one another. You get everyone from our President, Jon Lowrey, walking around the lobby talking to members and making them feel at home, to our Member Service Representative Diana giving hugs to everyone, making them feel loved and cared about. We are all such different people, but we come together for the common goal of making this a happy, caring workplace, as well as providing outstanding member service.”

  •      Zongsia X. – Member Service Representative

“I would say that as a Madison credit union, we don’t just do our best to help our members, we really go out of our way to help our community. We have Jeans Days on Fridays, wherein each employee that wears jeans donates $5 to an organization.”

“During the fall, we also have donation jars that help Second Harvest provide food to low income families and children who are in need. Credit unions don’t just look out for their members, but for their communities and our future!”

From our members being our owners, to our not-for-profit practices, to other credit union members having access to our many services, we here at DCCU strive to make our community members’ financial lives easier. Thanks to our staff, our member-owners and you, we remain a truly unique Madison financial institution.




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