Happy New Year, DCCU Members!

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

2016 was an exciting year at Dane County Credit Union (DCCU). Your financial cooperative had very good growth in loans and savings, new members and financial strength. This chart illustrates the strength of these numbers through November (final numbers for December are not yet in).DCCU data chart

New Services to Make Life Easier

We have implemented awesome new services for DCCU members, including a new mortgage loan program led by a talented new mortgage staff person; and new business services including new business lending capability. We are also developing a new branch model at our East Washington location. I look forward to your feedback as you begin to experience changes that we are developing for the future.

Critical Safety Advice

As Yahoo announces the unfortunate hacking of 1 billion records with them, we are again reminded of the potential for fraud that commonly exists for all of us every day.

Fraud comes in many forms; fraudulent  debit and credit cards, fake offers of lottery winnings, hacked information at merchants and counterfeit checks just to name a few. In the last three months alone, DCCU has worked with members 30 times on counterfeit debit card transactions!

What can we do about it? One thing you can do is get our “Card Valet” app. This allows you to turn your debit card on and off and has many other features as well. Contact an MSR at the credit union for assistance.

As a credit union, when we are notified of a compromise, such as the large one at Target a few years ago, we typically close and reissue the affected cards.

Skimming Fraud

More recently there has been a lot of news regarding card skimmers, where the fraudsters steal the card information and create counterfeit cards. The new EMV chips will prevent some of this, but the best defense for us as consumers is to keep our information to ourselves.

Guard Your Personal Information

We all have to be a little skeptical sometimes. Don’t let others have access to your cards, don’t share your PIN, keep a close eye on your account statements and let us know if you see anything inappropriate. But most of all, do not give out your personal information to anyone who calls, who writes, or who emails you. If they have a legitimate reason for speaking to you, they will have the information that is confidential to your relationship with them.

Turn to DCCU for Advice and Protection

We are your trusted financial counselors; you can call us anytime to discuss things that you feel are suspicious. We will always have your best interest in mind.

Thank you for your membership and have a safe, happy and prosperous year ahead.


Published by

Jon L.

Jon has been part of the credit union industry for over 30 years as a regulator and credit union professional. He joined DCCU in 1996 and has been serving as its President since 2005. His primary task is to ensure that everyone at DCCU always puts the members' interest first. Jon believes in the guiding principle of always treating the member right so our members and the credit union will be successful. Jon attended night school at Madison College in accounting to acquire the background for his career. He loves to tell stories and enjoys leading and working with a very talented and caring group of people.