Innovation = Change, And It’s Everywhere!

Read about innovation and change at DCCU
Innovation and change at DCCU.

Sometimes change is dramatic, sometimes change is subtle, but I think we can all agree that change is here to stay. This is especially true at Dane County Credit Union.

Some of us might long for what we think were the good old days, when things seemed to be consistent and reliable, like pro football, which was always played at noon on Sunday. Now we have football throughout the week because some part of the population wants to watch it all the time. That is change, not significant, but change nonetheless.

Change is on the way

There are changes that your credit union is implementing due to the preferences and behaviors of our members.

Then and now

There was a time in the early days of Dane County Credit Union when almost all of our members would visit the (only) branch sometime each month. They had to, that is how they got cash, deposited money, took out a loan or set up a new account.

Now days, most members seldom come into one of the branches because they do not have to, with electronic payroll deposit and debit cards. The convenience of receiving money and making payments is present in a piece of plastic.

Keeping up with the times

With electronic bill pay, and eBanking, check writing and check registers are fading away. Access to your credit union is now largely electronic; access to your accounts is managed more often by:

  • mobile device
  • home computer
  • chat
  • phone
  • email

All of this is great since it allows us more time for other things we want or need to do in our very busy lives. (This too is a change; we are much busier than we have ever been.)

Attached to our devices

The change in the use of mobile phones is extraordinary. Look around, see how many people carry their phones in their hands, whether they are using them or not. Watch patrons at a restaurant or ball game or other activity and see how many are engaged on their phones, or how many have them out at the ready.

This has been a more subtle change but fairly rapid. But what does this mean for your credit union? For us, it means constantly looking for ways to make your mobile experience with the credit union more useful and less aggravating.

Changes to DCCU’s Mobile App

We are changing our mobile app for these very reasons. Will it be perfect? Probably not for all, but we understand that for many members, the mobile phone access is the credit union. We are therefore taking steps to constantly improve (change) that experience. We hope you like the improvements:

  • Single sign-on for Mobile Money and Mobile Deposit
  • Easier interface design

Improvements coming soon:

  • Touch ID verification
  • Faster Mobile Deposit processing
  • Quick balance view without logging in

Branch Changes

DCCU’s East Washington Avenue branch is going to change dramatically too. At first members may be taken aback by the absence of a traditional teller line, but we understand that when members come to the branch it is for a variety of reasons. In addition to making a deposit or withdrawal at the teller line, they often want to touch base with staff or discuss a more involved matter, such as a loan or a question on their account. Have no fear, we intend to have even more staff available to welcome you and assist you in these complex situations.

I am aware that being reminded of the pace of change is not actually news for anyone. It’s a constant. Our commitment as we identify things that need to change is to always consider the impact on our members and make decisions that will benefit you as well as the future of your credit union.

We continue to be here for you

There are still some things that haven’t changed. The need to establish good credit and the need to save for upcoming needs are still basic fundamentals of a successful financial future. These are things that your favorite Madison credit union can help you with. Please allow us to be there as trusted advisors when you have a special need. Thank you for your membership.  


Published by

Jon L.

At the time of his unexpected passing in 2018, Jon had been part of the credit union industry for over 30 years as a regulator and credit union professional. He joined DCCU in 1996 and served as its President since 2005.