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Let’s consider for a moment good customer service vs. bad customer service. Both of these concepts can mean different things to different people but I think most can agree on a couple of generalizations.

Good is good!

Good customer service for some is simply getting the job done. You get what you expected, you’re satisfied, and you probably expect the same thing next time you visit.

Some folks have a higher expectation and are looking for service that goes above and beyond the basic or standard expectation in order for it to be considered GOOD. Maybe they receive something extra and unexpected in what they thought would be a routine transaction. Either way, whatever your expectation is for good customer service, if you are satisfied or even wowed, you likely feel good and are glad you chose that business. Everyone is happy.

Bad service stinks!

But when you have a problem or need help, bad customer service is the last thing you need. It’s easy for a business to say they have the “best” customer service and that their customers are “more than just a number” but when it comes to a difficult or tricky situation, do they really live up to their promises? And why do so many people keep hearing “no?”

It’s called the run around. You call with a problem, calmly explain your issue but you may not have initially reached the person who can help you best. No problem, transfer away! Now you have to explain the problem again. Annoying. But well… still not too bad. Now THIS person tells you they need to transfer you AGAIN! Frustration and anger start to rise – you just want to talk to the right person, someone who can actually help solve this problem! And by the way, is it so difficult to talk to each other so you don’t have to tell the story for the THIRD time?

Sometimes a simple routine request ends up being way more complicated than it should be and you have to jump through hoop after hoop. Too many inconveniences at one business and you start thinking about looking for alternative places to do business. This can be a total hassle and not the way you want to spend your time.

No more “No’s”

The simple fact is, no one likes to hear the word “no”. We don’t need someone else telling us our idea or request is being rejected. “No” is a service killer, it is an inherent insult, and it never helps a clear need or a problem. “No” is not a solution.

Our job as a credit union is to come up with solutions. After all, our mission statement is….

Building lifetime relationships with personalized financial solutions.

Yes we can!

We are always better off saying, let me see what I CAN do, rather than just saying “no”.

“Just because there’s nothing you can do, doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do.” (Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick DeLisi from their book, The Effortless Experience).

An important pillar of good customer service at DCCU is the promise to never say “no” but rather to look for solutions that make sense for your life. WE want to make your life EASIER not more difficult.

Members can count on our expert staff members to form a support team around your need or problem. We’ll strive to meet your short term goals and also look ahead to your long term best interests. Our staff is experienced at finding creative solutions and proactive ideas to aid in your financial success. In the end, we aim to create a lifelong relationship with each of our members.

Sometimes we cannot say yes to the first request, but we promise to you that we will always look for a solution that contributes to your well-being.  


Published by

Jon L.

At the time of his unexpected passing in 2018, Jon had been part of the credit union industry for over 30 years as a regulator and credit union professional. He joined DCCU in 1996 and served as its President since 2005.