Meet The DCCU Staff – it’s Krissy!

DCCU staff member, Krissy
Meet DCCU’s Trainer, Krissy!

Our latest standout in our staff interview series is Dane County Credit Union trainer, Krissy. She does it all for our employees, from training them when they’re new to ensuring they continue serving members as best they can. Though members may not often see her, as she works behind the scenes, you can be sure that she’s a vital part of our team.

Meet Krissy, our trainer at DCCU.

What are the duties, functions and responsibilities of your job?

I am the trainer here at DCCU. I am responsible for the new-employee training–and sales and service training–updating and coordinating written training and online materials, tracking employee progress, and sharing this with their managers.

What’s a typical day like?

Training Room at Dane County Credit Union
DCCU Training Room

It varies. If I’m working with a new employee, I’m either in the classroom or on the teller line doing hands-on training. If there isn’t new-employee training going on, I am working on ongoing training for existing employees, updating materials on our intranet, administering our employee recognition program, or anything else as needed.


What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job?

Teaching people new things requires a great deal of patience and understanding. Not everyone will pick up on things as quickly as we may want them to, but with patience I can get them to that point, and understanding that I may need to change my approach. DCCU has a prominent member service focused philosophy and I am heavily involved in developing new employees to fit that model.

Why do members choose DCCU?

I believe members choose DCCU because we take the time to get to know our members and really care about their lives. I have always loved being able to help members reach goals they’ve set financially.

What’s a situation where you went above and beyond to help a member improve their financial situation?

Prior to being in the training department, I was a Member Service Representative and one time I was helping a member who had just gotten a loan through a high-interest lender. This member came into my office to talk about this loan, and how concerned he was about the paperwork he had just signed. He wasn’t sure there was anything he could do about it.

I read through the loan documents and discovered the interest rate was over 100%! I submitted a loan application for this member to refinance that loan with DCCU. It was approved, and we were able to save the member over 90% in interest! He was so thankful and vowed to never use a high interest lender again.

What do you like most about DCCU?

I love the people I work with. I enjoy coming to work and getting to see my co-workers; I feel like they are my second family.

What is your favorite DCCU product or service, and why?

Our mobile app. I’m obsessive about my account, and having easy access to move money around is so convenient. We are about to launch a brand new Mobile App that will have many improvements and I can’t wait!

What are your interests and in what way does this job satisfy your interests?

I also like to volunteer, and DCCU has so many different opportunities for volunteering. We even have a paid time off benefit just for volunteering because DCCU sets a priority of being involved in and improving our community.

Where do you volunteer?

I’ve volunteered for numerous organizations throughout my life, but there’s a special place in my heart for The Road Home, and Friends of the State Street Family. These two organizations are making a huge impact in our community, and I have really enjoyed being able to volunteer for both of them.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give others about life?

Be thankful. My parents always taught me that no matter what is going on in your life, someone else has it worse than you do. Be thankful for the life you have, and [for] the people in it.

If you could close your eyes and be anywhere on earth when they opened, where would you be?

Somewhere tropical; I love sunshine!

Who was your most influential schoolteacher, and why?

My second grade teacher, Mrs. Bergum. She was the most amazing teacher I’ve had. She took so much time getting to know each of her students, and genuinely cared about them. She taught me so many life lessons that I never realized at that age, but appreciate so much now as an adult. She taught me how to put my all into the things I’m passionate about, and to never give up. She loved polka and she worked so hard to make it the state dance. When it finally became the state dance, she was so happy and we got to have a huge celebration listening and dancing to Polka music.

We’re grateful Krissy is part of the DCCU staff and for her relentless quest to develop a top notch staff to work with our awesome members. We’re set on serving those in Madison, Dane County and its surrounding communities no matter what. Whether your financial issues are big or small, short term or long term. We stand for YOU.

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