What Happened to Tilt.com?

Tilt Logo
Tilt logo, created by GunkHead

Tilt.com was launched in 2012 as a crowdfunding platform by James Beshara and Khaled Hussein. Beshara, a development economist who graduated from Wake Forest University before working in microfinance and micro-insurance, was the company’s CEO. Hussein was then working with Rackspace, the Texas-based cloud computing company. The two worked together to develop a platform that would enable peer-to-peer payments (Source). Continue reading What Happened to Tilt.com?


Unwrapping the Car Wrap Check Fraud Scam

Smart, educated and cautious Wisconsinites come into DCCU branches regularly to question if an amazing offer is legit or not. Let’s expand on a familiar phrase: If it seems too good to be true, it is… a scam! However, dreams of easy money or lottery winnings make us doubt our instincts, in the hopes of a surprise windfall. Continue reading Unwrapping the Car Wrap Check Fraud Scam