DCCU Keeps Moving Forward

DCCU CEO offers reasons for branch updates at East Washington Branch
Jon Lowrey discusses branch changes.

We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with a number of members about the new teller experience at our East Washington branch and have found that many are wondering why we made this change. As we all know, change is sometimes a challenge. And while we strive to make all interactions with our members as effortless as we can, adjusting to new ways takes time and patience. There are many reasons for our decision to change from the traditional teller line to Interactive Teller Machines and we’d like to share them with you. Continue reading DCCU Keeps Moving Forward


7 Smart Ideas For Your Tax Refund

Start an emergency savings account with your tax refund.
Be smart with your tax refund.

As the end of March rolls around, it’s become clear: Everyone’s favorite season is here! No, no– I’m not talking about Spring. Rather, I’m talking about a season that’s just as unavoidable, whether you hate doing them and have others do it for you, love doing them and have others help you, or simply roll up your sleeves and knock them out yourself; I’m talking, of course, about tax season. Continue reading 7 Smart Ideas For Your Tax Refund


Latino Career Ignitor Program A Success!

Dane County Credit Union is part of an amazing local program aimed at igniting Latino careers at credit unions. The 10 week program helps Latinos build job skills and consider career opportunities in the financial industry. DCCU has already hired 2 graduates of the program!

Watch the video to see more about this great community program and hear from Dane County Credit Union’s President, Jon Lowrey.


Checking Account 101: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about checking accounts.
All things checking.

If you’ve had one before, a checking account probably seems like no big deal. But for folks new to the world of checking there’s a ton of things to discover. Even seasoned checking account owners often learn about new and easier ways of managing their money considering new technology. Here is a thorough guide to everything you need to know about opening and using a checking account.
Continue reading Checking Account 101: Everything You Need to Know